Hirez’s Smite department are doing a pretty poor job.

Since everyone is jumping on the shit show that is the Server issue, I'm gonna add my 2c, and a bit more.

First Issue I want to address is the Roll Up servers because thats the big talk of the town at the moment. I had no Idea that this was being added until I woke up this morning and went on reddit for my daily shitposting. Thinking "It can't be that bad," I queued OCE at a time of day when I knew that it was going to be active. 3 Minutes later, I get a pop. NotBad.jpg. Get into a game and lucky me, Get Cerber-Noose. Unlucky me, getting 4 players that I have never seen before. Only to my Horror, Spoiler alert: It was NA. (Shia Surprise) I didn't mind that the team were kinda dicks, but the ping was the real fucking killer. Can't hit autos, can't hit abilities, This shit was the worst.
So how do we fix it? Priority Numero Uno; Remove it entirely. Its kind of hard to flourish other regions when you're trying to shove them into the two dominant regions. We wanted better matchmaking, but not like this.
Other options include; Increasing the time to include NA queues to 20 minutes, and making it optional! Why was it not optional in the first place? I never even heard about this being a thing, and then when they do implement it, they don't even make it optional! Why hirez? You have people to communicate with us for this type of stuff, and you don't use them?!?

Second issue: God Balancing, (New and Old) Another issue that I have with Hirez is that they're not sure how to buff or nerf a god. Lets take the 2 most recent gods as examples, Kuzenbo and Mr Tumnus. First up on the chopping block is Kuzenbore. One of the worst releases in the 4 years I have been playing smite, The last god that had a shitty launch was Nox and that was back in Season 1. Why is he bad? Because his Kit has no synergy. His 1 summons a minion, while it scores brownie points for lore, makes no sense at all. Second ability, Thorns, Makes no sense at all. Don't remember that when I was studying Japanese. Third Ability: A push. Ok? Once again, Brownie points for Lore, but its pretty bad. You have to be behind the enemy to utilize this properly and even then it requires blink to pull off properly. The only guardians apart from Kuzenbo to properly require blink are Sylvanus (who brings more than just an initiation) and Ymir(Trump's Wall). And Kuzenbo's Ult is a giant knockup thing. So instead of pulling people to their deaths, they're essentially telling them to fuck off. Even more ridiculous is that he has a 2 thats focused around "hey guys! Attack me!" While his other abilities are just "Fuck off, don't touch me you filthy plebian".

Now Mr Tumnus. The definition of a Broken god.
He has a discount Qins, Discount Asi, Discount frost bound and discount executioner, and that's just within the first ability. But so far, that seems fair. Next up, My boy Grover Underwood has an aoe slow, so thats 2 slows in one kit, and a root on the first motherfucker hit. (but making it a cripple would be OP /s) So his lane should be gank city right? Nope, chuck testa. Greg Tragos has a dash! "Say whaaaat?" but don't worry, it just does damage, it's fine /s. So he can just dash away from danger, or see a wild Malfurion Stormrage charge towards you like you got 14 hp and is playing hearthstone pre standard mode. And lastly, the ult. Cernunnous can turn everyone into little piggies. Thats pretty much the only somewhat balanced ability in his kit. And even then, it make Izanami's ult look pretty fucking stupid. Because Gleeson Hedge isn't a complete failure like the Twitch Spam, I'm gonna offer some Possible solutions, 1. Remove the fucking dash, or nerf it by a lot. Illidan doesn't need no mobility with his goddamn broke ass kit. Idea 2: Depending on season, make his 2 and his ult do different things, Ie: Birds instead of pigs in spring, or shit like that.

This is just my 2c on these issues. I'd gladly accept that spot on the design team Hirez, still waiting on that Email. <3

Also before anyone thinks this is me bashing on hirez, well it is a little bit. But more importantly, I've been around for too long to see this game die. I want it to be around a lot longer

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