HiRez has given so much. A personal thanks.

Hello, I'm PsykeShow, and I just want to give some lights and positivity as a thanks for what HiRez and Smite has been for me the last couple of years.

I remember getting a closed beta key to Smite from a friend of mine in august 2012, and I decided to check it out. And I'll be completely honest, I didn't enjoy it at all in the beginning. But my friend had so much fun and despite me not enjoying the game at that time, I had some laughs of me being ridiculously bad and we kept on playing some games. Fast forward many years to not make this story too long, the game REALLY grew on me as I started watching Zapman streaming on Smitegame, and watching Drybears gameplays on YouTube. My friend stopped playing a couple of years ago but I was getting involved with the community and I stuck with it, and still plays to this date (even though I live on a borderschool, unable to play while I'm here).

I guess Zapman is alot of the reason why I stuck with it, because his plays were so sick to watch, especially since hunters is the role I perform best on, and I'm a fan of hype plays in general. I also started watching the pro league when it started, and I was rooting for TSM back then, mainly because Lawbster as a fellow Norwegian was playing and I liked the TSM brand back then, completely new to esports in general.

But enough of nostalgiatripping, I just really wanna give some positivity to the pro's for providing entertainment to us, and of course the people working for HiRez. Spring Fling is something I need to see every year as it's one of my favorite events alongside SWC. It's just funny and lovely to see everyone giving it all, entertainment and quality-wise, to also raise awareness and money for specific causes.

Without HiRez I would not have so many people I absolutely love talking to, both on Twitter, ingame and other social media, but also IRL. The people I've met because of this game is unreal and I had never seen it coming the day I recieved a beta key.

My favorite memory has to be when I got to know a couple of streamers by the name of "MaximumSalt" – dual stream and they were just super chill and I loved the community. I became their mod and we played games all the time, shared tons of laughs and it was just so much fun. Through that stream I met two other Norwegians, and after some months we decided to travel to USA and meet them, which MaximumSalt were super down to do. I didn't have enough money but one of the other guys paid my plane ticket so I could join them.

So by just playing Smite I met some people from USA I consider great friends, and a guy who I had not met pay my ticket to USA. What's the odds for that? We stayed in USA for 16 days and it was the best two weeks of my life.

My next goal is to attend SWC, in the very least a LAN event some time.

Just a random rant, but thinking back of it, none of this would've been possible if I wasn't playing Smite and I'm really grateful for everything that has happened because of Smite. My life ever since has been a weird journey, and honestly, I thank everyone for being a part of it. Casters, pros, the camera-guy in SPL, every official face of HiRez. You've provided me entertainment so I was willing to keep getting involved in the community and it has given me so much.

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