HiRez Constructive Criticism Megathread – 13 April 2017


Hey all! We've been receiving a number of complaint threads on this subreddit recently, in the last multiple months and especially in the last week. There are problems in the game, yes. We all understand that. A number of people are unhappy with one thing or another. However, screaming at HiRez is not going to do anything constructive. What this thread is going to try to do is collect the complaints of the Reddit community in a constructive manner and have them in a nice location for HiRez to look towards when they are wondering what the community may enjoy or not enjoy.

We will be updating the thread every so often with likes/dislikes of the community that they think HiRez needs to see, and comments about the general community, as well. Main points will be posted at the end of comments in parentheses. We want your voices heard as much as you do – but senseless rant threads won't elicit a positive response from anyone.

This post is a trial. For the next little bit, we will be removing new posts that could instead fall under this category and urge those people to post here instead. We hope to use this concept to mediate thoughts between HiRez and the Reddit comunity to allow both to express their thoughts more constructively.

We ask that you remain calm, constructive, and collected in this thread, and we will be working on making sure this thread stays positive in nature towards others, even if the points you bring up may contain various thoughts about the game. We hope you use this well! Thank you.

Main Thoughts Directed Towards HiRez


  • Many characters feel like they are in a very balanced state. (**Balance))

  • HiRez is listening in some areas that needed addressing such as God nerfs (Skadi) and Rituals (Communication)


  • People want to make sure they are being heard when they discuss topics that are potentially negative. (Communication)

  • Potential for West Coast Servers/Servers outside of Atlanta? May need further discussion (Servers)


  • .Servers currently feel flawed in some way, hurts game experience for some. (Servers)

  • A number of bugs in the game right now with Gods, etc. (Bugs)

  • People feel like HiRez may not be as communicative as they want them to be on certain topics. (Communication)

  • Sometimes balance changes are extremely drastic (Balance)

  • Matchmaking feels bad for some people, and many are not enjoying how Ranked feels because of it right now (Matchmaking)

Main Thoughts Directed Towards The Community




  • Community complains about a lot of things, whether it's things they ask for, things they don't have full knowledge about, things they don't ask for (Complaints)

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