Hi! I’m New to Smite!

Just recently downloaded the game, i have been eye-ing for a long time now and i chose to downloaded it today.

I'm just a beginner and i'm struggling to understand how the game works or what the meta is (especially at the conquest mode). I've played LoL for a very long time so i know the basic concept of a MOBA but Smite feels very different to me.

So i've got a couple of questions to ask to you guys.

  1. Should i start on arena first rather than hopping to the classic conquest 5v5 mode?

  2. How does the jungle work? There are numerous camps but i don't know what to start with and who must recieve the different buffs/camps or when to take or give them.

  3. In LoL there are champions that build AP or AD to amplify their skills. Is there a similar thing in smite that is like AP and AD. Cause as of now i'm confused on what to build on different Gods and how to know what type of build should i use for them.

  4. What is the meta right now? Is it like the regular (fighters on top – mages on mid and – adcs and supports on bot)?

  5. Is there anything that i should really know as a new player that is something that doesn't exist in LoL?

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