Hey guys. I finally made it…

Hi everyone

(Tl;Dr: Finally got the game after saving for an X-BOX one for 3 years)

I have been a lurker on this sub for around a year. I could have made an account, but because I didn't own destiny, I didn't feel that I should be participating yet. Now, you may be wondering, why on earth would somebody frequent the sub if they didn't own the game? I'll explain.

So basically I wanted to play this game since it first came out in 2014. I was 13 at the time so my parents knew I would be able to cope with it, but due to our x-box 360 functioning as the DVD player as well, It would mean my impressionable younger sister would be exposed to it, which is completely understandable. So i made a deal with my parents. If i buy my own console and the game, and put it in our office space, I could play it. So I saved… For 2 or so years, watching the community from the outside, waiting for the time in which i can finally jump in.

And here I am. I was finally able to purchase an X-BOX ONE S for $289 Australian during a two day sale on the first and second of march. It arrived on thursday, and luckily, as I had a pupil free day on friday, I went and bought destiny with my best friend who has been playing since Rise Of Iron. We set up the console that day, and I made my hunter. My friend, whenever I came over to his house, let me play on his account, which is where I fell in love with throwing knives on gunslinger (I had recently picked up knife throwing as a hobby so it crossed over pretty well) and also PvP.

Now, i've gone on a bit too long with my ramblings, so to close out, I would just like to say thankyou. Thankyou for being such an amazing community. You guys are awesome Peter

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