Hey guys, I created a tierlist for XB1 Ranked Conquest, based off of data taken from 23,874 matches across the last 2 weeks.

Smite Guru tierlist link: http://smite.guru/tierlists/l/kI

Hey Guys, I've recently been messing around with the Smite API when a friend of mine pointed out how cool a statistically-backed tier list would be. I downloaded data from 23,874 matches from the last 2 weeks on XB1 in the Conquest Ranked queue, and processed this data to give a tier list based on what is currently being played – and doing well – in ranked playlists. Each god is assigned a 'god rank', an algorithm calculated value taken from w/l ratio and pick/ban ratio. These ranks have then been classified into the tiers by using the mean as the average tier (A in this case) and 1/3 Standard Deviation to calculate the difference between the tiers (each tier is 4 points, except from D which is for Kuzenbo and SS Which is 30+). The list produced some very interesting results about which gods are performing well.

The algorithm takes the Win/Loss ratio and scales it based on the number of matches the god was picked or banned; (Wins/Matches played) * ((Picks + Bans)/23,874) This gave a raw value, which was then multiplied by 100 for readability.

From here I hope to find the time to do the same for PC and PS4, and possibly even make it a live system that updates regularly throughout a patch to show the best performing/most played gods.

Calculated values and raw values are available in the notes of the tierlist for comparison.

Hope you guys enjoy!

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