Hey Funcom! Cheers!

Hey Funcom!

Just wanted to pop a quick note to say thanks! We have rented a server for a few months now (myself and another admin) with the view to build a community of up to 20 players who share a very similar outlook. We've successfully done this, and now passworded the server.

We have a few clans, who are all working on separate "cities" themselves. It's a PVE/RP server. There is no raiding of each others bases, lots of respect for each others properties, people deleting their old bases if they have moved, active friendly trading + trade routes, arena fights, a Museum of the gods, taverns, churches, additional thrall camps, pets, random supply chests / supply buildings, boats, towers, weekly server events, 10+ raid parties of dungeons, a VERY active Discord, lots of fun streaming and a hell of a lot of laughter.

We've only had to wipe the server once.

Just wanted to give a look at what this game can be, if you set clear rules, and limit the players in your server to people who share similar views/values. I've now met about 15 new friends from across Australia and New Zealand who I really enjoy playing with on a regular basis. I can say after 110 hours so far, I'm really excited for the future of this game.

Just wanted to give you guys a thumbs up, and a post on here showing that it's not all doom and gloom!

Just a cheers from us AUS/NZ players 🙂


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