Here’s why the economy will fail for crafters and refiners when the game goes live

When beta was released the economy was robust and ripe for crafters. Virtually anyone could make money crafting/refining. However, as more and more people reach T4, T5 and T6 crafting and refining capability, product must be sold at a loss because supply becomes much higher than demand. Why do people do this? Because grinding to T7 and T8 will provide enough profit to offset the loss of the lower tiers…right? Wrong. Right now T7 is barely at a profit without focus. Soon T8 will be the same.

Now, before you start REEEEEEEEEE'ing that using focus is the way to make profit consider this: this game is supposed to last years and the economic end game is being reached in a month. On top of that, it seems that SI is aware of this inevitability and is creating the black market to offset it (atleast the crafting gear portion of this phenomenon). But refiners are fucked.

Heres a few ways to mitigate this phenomenon:

  1. Do not put refined resources (planks, bars, leather) in relic chests.

  2. Do not allow end game relic chests to be looted in the first few weeks of the game (T7-T8)

  3. Slow down the tier progression to about HALF of what it is now.

  4. Eliminate fast travel with gear

  5. Acknowledge this inevitability and create seasons where everything resets (like the first mmo Diablo 2)

Where my crafters and refiners at? Weigh in.

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