here something i would really like developers to add to this game or update

  • First we have 3 different currency (Amrita, Gold and glory) where im finding that im running out of gold alot and barely have any use for Amrita or glory. They should update it to have more use for other 2 currency.

  • Please please please reduce the awful RNG in this game, this is not an MMO. what worst is we have RNG within RNG within another RNG (get the stuff you want + stats you want in it + whether the value of stat is max or not). here is an example "Oh you finally got your first Yasakani Magatama after 200hrs. well guess what, beside -1, it doesn't have anything else you like". we can shoot for regular magatama or other accessory, but again its the same RNG we will have to deal with. perhaps they should let us Reforge accessory as well.

  • That bring us to reforging. yeah like accessory we have RNG in weapons as well, but reforging minimize it with its OWN RNG within another RNG (re-roll the stuff you need, and making sure the stuff you re-roll is max or closer to max) . yes we can kinda manipulate that RNG with save scumming and alternating between divine fragment and regular, but we shouldn't be relying on that. took me over 4hrs to finally get a proper stats on my sword and they weren't even max. give us a way to roll guarantee max stat on a weapon with certain material or something.

  • Refashion – Please let us have a preview window in refashion. We are talking about fashion here, preview window should have been a no brainer. While we are talking about fashion, let us have more unique skins. half of the stuff is copy paste of another skin with different color or minimum of detail. where many people who love to play fashion dont even bother.

  • increase the rate for smiting text drop. even if your drop rate and luck is very high, you still have to blow your mind just to get text drop.

  • lastly perhaps another mode after way of the strong with higher difficulty and better loot drop. (since its been added in future dlc)

Anything you guys wanna add into this list.

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