Help: Server not showing up in Server browser

I have a dedicated machine hosted @OVH, my server is proberly running and i can connect to it, however the server is not showing up on the Ingame browser or Steam-Servers list when viewing all conan exiles servers. If i add the server manually to my favorites i can see it correctley. I have opened all needed ports both UDP and TCP: 27015/27016, 7777/7778 even disabled all firewall once but still not showing up.

(I also have a rust-server running on the machine this is why i changed the steam port to 27016)

Any tipps that could help are welcome, here are my settings and screenshots of the firewall.

OVH Game firewall settings:

OVH Firewall settings via web

Firewall on server: (inbound is exactley the same)

Server Settings in bat:





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