[Heavy spoilers] Some plot-related questions I haven’t figured out for both end game and just the game in general. Would appreciate answers.

When exactly did in the game does 9S realize that 2B was actually programmed to kill him?

If the Commander ordered 2B (or, rather, 2E) to keep watch on 9S so that he doesn't find out the truth, then why does she tell the truth to 9S during their talk about him prying around the server in Route C?

What caused the AI of the Red Girls in the Tower to turn on each other? The pod's explanation wasn't clear to me.

If Adam had already disconnected himself from the network by the time he fought and was killed by 2B, then why is he still alive in the ark in Ending C?

If you go to Chapter Select and highlight the part where A2 kills the baby robot king in the Forest Castle, the description for that specific part of the chapter refers to it as "A2's Revenge". What exactly did the robots in the forest do to A2? Or does "revenge" simply refer to her general hatred of machines?

During the Operator 210 boss fight, the pod says that she was deployed 21B (or something along those lines, I don't exactly remember) and was missing in action. Was she deployed as a B-unit to kill 9S?

What happens to the rest of the machine lifeforms and the resistance in Ending E? We obviously know the fates of 2B, 9S and A2. But what about the general machine lifeforms and the resistance androids? The ending depicts a barren world without any machine/android life. Are they all dead? Does Ending E take place like a long time in the future?

Is Sartre the robot that Beauvoir fell in love with and wanted attention from?

Also, this might sound like a stupid question, but what does each letter in "YoRHa" represent?

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