Heads up: lots of fresh bots farming recently

There's a lot of fresh bots this week, likely because a banwave apparently went out on February 1st. Report away.

Obvious signs of being a bot:

  • Fresh 100 druids in Stormheim farming fjarnskaggl (this is what I'm dealing with)
  • Climbing walls that can't be climbed and flying, more like hovering
  • On rails pathing – this is noticeable if someone is only making turns using angles rather than swinging their camera around, strafing, jumping, etc. Especially noticeable when you have 2 people doing the exact same epileptic triple loop around a log (I mean seriously, that's so obvious)
  • Stuck at a bugged node, keeps trying to open it
  • Turning around to check a node that doesn't exist then returning to the same path

Keep an eye out but don't be thinking everyone is a bot. Just report them if they're suspicious and move on.

I recommend taking breaks to read this thread for entertainment.

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