Having Fun

So I've got about 100 hours into the game now and I've been having a lot of fun; the most fun for a $20 game that I've ever had. And yes, I have been killed by cheaters/hackers, and plenty of Chinese.

I play on a nicer gaming PC, but my buddy plays on a crappy laptop that overheats and shuts off – but we still have a lot of laughs and enjoy the game even through the more-than-mild annoyances.

Last night we raided our first shelters (they were about to deteriorate anyway). What a rush! And the other day I got to hunt down and kill my second guy so far. He was shooting a .308 at some zombies and then at me, but he ran out of ammo and I chased him down for about 2 minutes and finally got him with a .380 pistol. He was wearing heavy armor. My heart was racing the whole time.

We've been having fun brainstorming on how to change our base for functionality and safety. We started a farm and have been making moonshine (disappointed it doesn't have the same effect as swizzle when ingested).

Sometimes the game gets frustrating, especially when you're outnumbered by a 5+ man group trolling around the map, but that's why I never carry anything of value so they are just wasting bullets trying to get me only to get my wood bow and infected brains.

Sometimes I like to gather up a zombie heard and lead them to other player's bases. Especially the banshees. And sneaking around and spying on other players can be entertaining.

I also like to make a smoke flair, a storage box, and then set a land mine down by it, and then watch it with a sniper and wait for people to come up to it.

The smack-talk is entertaining as well. The other night I got killed and the guy said something is an Asian accent. So I said "ahh Chinese," and he said "Korean, Korean." It reminded me of that scene in the walking dead between Merle Dixon and Glenn about the whole 'what's the difference' thing. Then we got into a conversation about how he needed to go to work, and I kept trying to keep him near my body so my friend could come kill him… didn't happen though.

I mean I get it; someone has hundreds of hours into the game and the issues the game and it's community has can get old. But that's when it's time to play something else for a while. Prior to being able to get this game, the best survival game I got to play was Dying Light, or a modded zombie version of GTA SA. Different games, but man H1Z1 JS and its potential is so cool.

I just hope other players are having as much fun as I am. There's a lot of complaining on this r/ and often for good reason, but I don't see anyone talking much about their experiences. I guess I am a couple of years late to the party though.

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