Have high Impact Pulse Rifles made mid Impact Pulse Rifles useless?

Mid Impact Pulse Rifle TtK (Nirwen's Mercy, Reflection Sum, Red Death)

  • 1.0 second (7 shots, 2.33 bursts)

High Impact Pulse Rifle TtK (Parthian Shot, Spare Change.25)

  • 0.67 second (6 crits)
  • 1.07 seconds (7 shots, 2.33 bursts)

Basically high Impact PRs can kill really fast if you have 100% accuracy on crits, but they kill 0.07 slower if you need a third burst.

Is this enough to kill the mid Impact kind, or do you think the reliable 1.0 second TtK they have still lets them have some use?

Note: If you hit all body shots with Parthian Shot, etc, it takes 1.2 seconds to kill, because you need to fire all 9 shots. If you score some crits you can kill in 7 shots, which is a 1.07 TtK.

Because that's what I'm afraid of; Bungie just can't seem to increase weapon diversity very well. Before this hotfix, it was all very low Impact (Clever Dragon) and low Impact (Blind Perdition) PRs being used. After…diversity might not have changed at all, because now we use nothing but low Impact (Blind Perdition) and high Impact (Parthian Shot) because the changes have made very low Impact (Clever Dragon) ones directly outclassed by the next highest Impact and the mid Impact (Nirwen's Mercy) ones also directly outclassed by the next highest Impact. Their Rate of Fire stats are too similar, so why not use the ones that do more damage?

The better buff to high Impact PRs, while keeping mid Impact ones just as viable, would be to buff their damage, not their Rate of Fire. Right now, you need 6 crits to kill in 2 bursts with Parthian Shot. When these weapons were OP, you could land 4 crits and 2 body shots to kill in 2 bursts. This was too powerful. My opinion is that with a slight damage buff you could reliably kill in 2 bursts with 5 crits and 1 body shot; a nice middle ground. It would still demand a lot of accuracy but not nearly unreasonable accuracy. It would be doable but if you do mess it up your TtK is in the pits.

That change wouldn't have us thinking Nirwen's Mercy is literally useless compared to Parthian Shot, but it would make Parthian Shot itself a lot better.

Besides, it seems to me that if you truly want good, consistent performance right now, just use Blind Perdition anyway. Nice TtK of 0.87, but doesn't utterly suck if you mess up either.

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