Hand Cannon Accuracy & Bloom – Pre and Post Feb 14th Patch Testing

NSFW Language: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2fWs2Qu3ZY

In the event you can't/don't want to watch the video, I will cover everything below.


Infographics (tl;dr)

Here is an album of images that covers all of the data that I collected. If you think reading is for squares, then just look at the pretty pictures and try not to hurt yourself zipping up your pants:

Infographic Gallery



When Bungie announced the changes to weapon accuracy, I went ahead and collected a bunch of data to compare pre and post patch weapons to see how much of a change they would implemented.

In the process, I also investigated bloom, followup shot accuracy, as well as debloom (the time it takes the reticule to reset to neutral).


Aerial Accuracy

Aerial accuracy is impacted the most by the perk Icarus. A maximum range Eyasluna is less accurate in the air than a standard range Icarus Eyasluna by a pretty significant amount. Rangefinder also affects aerial accuracy, but only by about a 2 pixel reduction in spread.

Icarus > Range > Rangefinder


Initial Accuracy

All hand cannons at all ranges received a boost to initial accuracy. The Last Word saw a pretty minor boost, while max range Eyasluna saw a pretty significant boost (15px -> 11px, a 36% reduction).

The perk Rangefinder appeared to have little, if not zero impact on initial accuracy, but range still plays a pretty large role in how accurate your hand cannon is.


Bloom & Follow Up Shot Accuracy

The buff to hand cannon initial accuracy also buffed all follow up shots as well. Post patch follow up shots are much more accurate than their pre patch counterparts.

Furthermore, range plays a significant role in how accurate your follow up shots are. Running low range means your hand cannon will bloom out wider and more quickly, while a high range stat keeps everything compact.

Rangefinder also plays a role in bloom, albeit to a much lesser extent than range (Range > Rangfinder in regards to tight follow up shots). Hand cannons without rangefinder reach a larger maximum bloom, as well as gain bloom faster than a non-Rangefinder variant.


Debloom (Accuracy Reset Speed)

Debloom is the amount of time it takes your hand cannon to reset to default accuracy. Debloom time increases with each subsequent shot. The 1st shot deblooms the quickest, and the shot befor last deblooms the slowest (the final shot essentially has no debloom on account of having to reload).

Range has little, if not zero impact on debloom speed. However, Rangefinder does impact debloom speed. Furthermore, weapon archetype also affects debloom. Faster firing hand cannons, such as Revelator and The Last Word, debloom faster than slower firing hand cannons, such as the Ill Will and The First Curse.

Tap firing always works better on the first shot vs. any other follow up shot, and faster firing hand cannons benefit more from pacing their shots, in terms of accuracy.



  • Icarus is the best perk for aerial accuracy, followed up by a high range stat, and Rangefinder offers a very minimal boost.

  • Initial accuracy is entirely dependent on the range stat, and Rangefinder appears to have little, if not zero impact on initial accuracy.

  • Follow up shot accuracy i.e. bloom was impacted by the February patch, and all hand cannons have more accurate follow up shots.

  • Bloom is reduced by having a high range stat, and also by Rangefinder. Range plays the biggest role, but Rangefinder also plays a significant role, albeit a lesser one.

  • Debloom time increases with each subsequent shot. The first shot deblooms the fastest, and the shot before last deblooms the slowest.

  • Debloom speed is not impact by range, but is impacted by the perk Rangefinder.

  • Debloom is impacted by weapon archetype. Faster firing hand cannons debloom the fastest, while slower firing hand cannons debloom the slowest

  • The Last Word has the worst accuracy of all primary weapons, but also the fastest time to kill

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