Hack and Exploit for fun and… well fun?

on 219 we wiped them and they came back to full power in 4 hours and started building in the sky, they raid bases of all contents and break nothing getting in and out. we had a clan of 20 players and we have all stopped playing due to this issue. we had a server that we once had to wait to get into and was almost always full to now maybe 5-6 players at most. We have recorded cheats and exploits, as well, we have reported things until we went blue in the face. We have even reported an issue where the cheaters would respawn as soon as you killed them afk/offline and respawn right back on the spot only to be told that funcom would not be looking into it. they have bases still under the ground, they fly, they have unlimited resources we can not compete. I have had players logging in with my name and one of my clan members names going about doing hokey crap trying to give us a bad name. I beta tested my first game in 1996 and have done so for many years. I fear that the gaming community has taken a real slide down hill. By letting the cheats and hacks to go about with no punishment only feeds them and makes it worse. But worse of all it ruins the game and the Name™ of said IP for those of us that play by the rules and try to help the company to build something we all would like to play. I blame Funcom for not addressing this problem and I blame Steam as well. They should not sell a game that can not be played because the developers will not stop the cheating. I have beta tested and been ok with a developer shutting down the game for a week or two to address issues like this and understood, but to let this happen and watch the players that do not cheat bear the brunt of it and watch the numbers drop i do not understand. Should we all just cheat and hack? I hope it never comes down to this.

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