Guys. Just play.

I know people will not agree on me in regards to this, but I think it's somehow too much already.

I'm seeing a lot of people always asking:

  • How many endings?

  • How many quests?

  • How can you find the quests?

  • How do you know you can move to the next playthrough?

  • How long is each playthrough?

  • What are the answers in the sidequests?

  • What should I do in this sidequest?

And many more. Now there are some legit questions of course, like, how to fish, how to ride a boar/moose, can you miss something in this playthrough, or whatever.

BUT STILL. It's like people don't want to explore anymore. Everyone wants the answer at once, right then and there. I don't get it. Like, people don't want to actually "play" if you guys get what I mean. Especially asking about the endings part. Even saying about it actually is kinda spoiling it really. A lot of the reviewers aren't even trying to say anything about it.

I am only talking about the main parts by the way. The "secret" parts are understandable to be asked.

JUST PLAY. Everything important to the story will come NATURALLY. Do not fret. JUST PLAY.

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