Gunsmith Test Weapons Farming Locations

I see a lot of people running these in less than ideal spots, so I figured I'd share my goto locations to quickly knock these out.

Hakke Test-A shotgun (kill hive), Suros TSP10 pulse rifle (kill hive), or Weapon With Double Kills or Precision Shots

  • Earth: Siege of the Warmind

Load up Siege of the Warmind, kill the thrall waves, but don't enter the Omnigul room. This should be your goto mission for bounties, spree kills, etc.

Hakke Test-A sniper (kill Centurions)

  • Mars: A New Den mission

In the Mars director, load up "A New Den" and sparrow to the trenchworks area. DO NOT KILL THE COLOSSUS, RUN FORWARD TO THE NEXT TRANSITION AREA. Four Centurions will spawn with a handful of Phalanx. When you kill them, wipe, and you'll spawn back at the bottom of the hill. Run past everything again, the enemies will have respawned.

Omolon Test-FR1 (kill minotaurs)

  • Venus: Citadel

This one is a public area, which I'm not thrilled about, but it's the best area imo. Load into VoG, go right to the citadel. Two minotaurs spawn to the right by the scannable confluxes, and another spawns towards the lift in the next area (where you captured Skolas). Just make the rounds in this area.

Omolon Test-RR1 sniper (kill captains)

  • Venus: Wolves Gambit mission

Save this checkpoint. Run all the way through this mission until the oracles are dead. You'll get 3 captains that spawn, but you will have to kill 2 yellow bars to get them to spawn. DO NOT KILL THE THIRD AND FINAL YELLOW CAPTAIN, HE'S THE TRIGGER FOR THE END OF THE MISSION. Kill the 3 red bars, jump off the side, repeat.

Suros TSR10 rocket launcher (kill majors)

  • Mars: Fear's Embrace

Load Fear's Embrace, run forward. Three taken psion majors will spawn. Rocket the middle one, jump off the edge, repeat. Alternatively, let them multiply to try to get 4 in one shot.

Hakke Test-A auto rifle (kill fallen or cabal)

  • Venus: Ember Caves or Mars: Barrens

These can be reasonably completed anywhere, but the quick and easy way is to head to Venus (ember caves) patrol for fallen and Mars (Barrens) for cabal. I would suggest multitasking these with other bounties or test weapons where possible.

Omolon Test-HC1 (kill Vex)

  • Venus: Citadel

Again these are reasonable completed anywhere, but load up VoG, go to citadel, run laps.

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