Gunsmith – Eirene RR4 God Roll This week.

It's Solar and has Triple Tap (TT), Casket Mag(CM). 7 Shots without reloading if first 6 are headshots. Amazing Boss killer.

Edit: I've been informed that this is not the absolute best roll. While it's still fantastic, there are some don't consider this a god roll as it's not the absolute best roll. Which is fair enough. My definition has a bit off leeway I guess. u/Albenito suggested the term Demigod Roll. I like that one. u/rofl-cakes said jesus roll. Also a good one. end edit

As an added bonus it has Shoot to Loot so you can grab ammo from the other side of the room with your last round.

Fun Fact: I turned one of my friends into a sniper with this gun because of the extra boss DPS he dealt with it. He has an Arc one like me. If you've not managed an LDR/1KYS with a TT/CM roll, this is a great starter for it.

Edit: 1000 Yard Stare and LDR 5001 can both roll with this perk set. If you get these two perks with Spray and Pray or removed…well that's about the most God-rolled sniper in the game. (removed Clown Cartridge as it can't roll

Edit 2: To those who are annoyed that this isn't a 'god roll', sorry guys, I didn't intend to mislead you or anything. My definition of the god roll has a bit leeway I guess. Mostly just the TT/CM combo make it that for me. Other good perks are just an added bonus.

Edit 3: u/GuitarCFD has informed me that Spray and Pray isn't in the perk pool for the Eirene and Clown Cartridge isn't in the perk pool for 1KYS and LDR5001. Sorry, had my info wrong there guys. He has also informed me that LDR/1KYS outperforms Eirene because of extra stability and more mag size total. Which is an excellent point. To those guys who RNGeesus blessed with 1KYS/LDR with TT/CM/SP, You lucky people. I want you on my team. That thing is amazing.

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