Guide to help some of you win the bandit challenge

i won with 12-2 the two losses were from my enemy out cycling me with a spell with a little under 100 hp left.

THINGS YOU NEED -luck -skill -brains

First When you pick a card don't give the enemy the counter or counter to those cards. For example if you get a tank don't let the enemy get a building like the inferno tower or tombstone.


If you have a choice to pick the Bandit GET IT. every time i picked it i won considering you play it right. since its new its hard to pick appropriate counters.


Set win conditions. If you are able to make a miner deck you have to chip off, thats a win condition, or you get something similar to a beatdown deck just make sure you can make your full push.


sometimes you may not have viable options and your opponent may get all counters to your deck its a little bit of RNG involved.


make positive elixir trades with your enemy, try to figure out when to push or stay on the defensive. Sometimes you may get a match you have to just draw i had 1-2 matches like that.

here are some cards that help out a lot in the challenge for me.

Giant skelly, his death bomb stops most of your opponents large pushes leading up for you to counter attack.

golem – you can simply put a air and ground troop behind and push the other lane , you can force your opponent to chose how to counter but in the end itll cost them unless you gave them full counters to your deck.

Bandit- she gets to the tower they are taking some damage she is also great distraction since she can dodge attacks with her dash.

lumberjack- he can man handle a lot of troops and can drop a rage spell which can be in your favor

miner- add a lh, poison, graveyard, or bandit and you can chip off or counter with him the whole game.

furnace, tombstone, goblin hut- great distraction and can chip off your enemies tower so you can spell off.

i didnt mention rg since i dont use the card/ im a 4k+ player i hope this helps and if any other card or strategy helped let me know.

shoutout for cam, oj,ash for some of these tips i mentioned above

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