Guide: How to Prepare for Adventuring – Farming Rupees/Food/Arrows/Bows/Weapons

Guide: How to Prepare for Adventuring –

Farming Rupees/Food/Dishes/Arrows/Bows/Weapons


Purpose of this Guide:

This guide aims to be a compendium of information about how to stock up and get ready for the scale of this game. There is simply so much to explore that if you are not prepared before heading off into a random direction, you may not survive or be able to reach where you are going. The information below helps the up and coming adventurer gear up and become ready for anything (without having to spoil too much of the game). This is something I wish I could have found when I first stepped foot off the Plateau, so hopefully it'll help some of you out. That being said, even a seasoned adventurer may find use in some of the insights below (especially farming techniques) so don't think there isn't something for everyone here!



This guide covers certain areas within the game you will need to visit, and a few minor side quest spoilers. Please read at your own risk, but I promise this post will have no major storyline spoilers. Call me out if it does and I'll edit the post immediately.


NOTE: This post also assumes you have made it off the Plateau and are ready to explore the world. If you are still on the Plateau please stop reading now.




Step 1: Get Some Wheels

Find A Horse & Register it at a Stable


Horses allow you to speedily make your way through the world during the time where you can't Fast Travel from location to location. The first thing you should do before trying to find said Fast Travel locations is tame a horse.

Horses can be found out in the wild, normally grassy plains areas, and can be tamed by sneaking up on them and mounting them. Once you have mounted a horse, you will need to rapidly tap the "soothe" button until little red hearts appear around the horses head. This means the horse has stopped trying to buck you off. Taming a horse takes stamina, so be sure to have a full bar or something to refill you stamina on hand. Normal horses will take less than a single circle of stamina to tame. More exotic horses will take much more.

Once you can successfully steer the horse, continue to "soothe" it as you bring it to a nearby stable. Once near a stable, Z-Target the stable owner and choose to talk to them. Ask them to register your horse for a price of 20 Rupee's. Once registered, horses can be taken or stored from any stable across the land. Use this to Fast Travel and retrieve your horse in a completely different location.


For those interested, the horse with the highest stamina in the game can be found extremely close to the Plateau. This would be an ideal starter horse while you are trying to uncover more portions of your map.

To find this horse, make your way off the Plateau North West of Hopper Pond and take the pathway west. When the path splits, take the right path which will lead you to the Outskirt Stable. Once there, talk to an old man outside the stable mumbling about a white horse. He will give you a side quest to find and tame said horse. The horse can be located just north west of the stable on Safula Hill. A Gif of the location can be found HERE.

Look for an all-white horse near the run down structure to the north portion of Safula Hill. It will take more than a single circle to tame this horse, so bring something that restores stamina. I suggest a cooked Staminoka Bass easily found in the lake next to riverside stable. Or if you are just coming from the Plateau, try cooking a Staminilla Mushroom with other mushrooms. The more stamina refilling ingredients in the dish, the more stamina the cooked dish will restore.


The White Horse has the following stats:

Strength * * * *
Speed * * *
Stamina * * * * *


Having MAX stamina on your first horse is clutch. Just food for thought.



Step 2: Find Your Way

Complete the World Map


In order to efficiently use this guide, you will need be able to find where you need to go. The best way to do this is to complete the game's world map. You do so by visiting the Towers in each "blacked out" portion of your map.

The beauty of this game is that you can do ALL THE THINGS as soon as you make it off the Plateau, you just have to be brave enough. (Or quick enough to run past encounters and B-line it to a tower) Personally, the first thing I did was mark all of the towers on my map that I could see from on top of the Plateau, then paraglided/ran/climbed to said towers, and then looked for more. Rinse and repeat until the entire map is completed.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO THIS IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO. Having a completed map just makes it easier to fast travel to different locations, and enables you to easily identify locations in this guide by name when looking at your in game map.



If you DO NOT wish to complete your map, the towers and locations you will NEED to visit for this guide are:

This is where you will find the Wasteland Tower. It is located South West of the Great Plateau.


  • Ridgeland Tower

  • Wasteland Tower

  • Woodland Tower

  • Faron Tower

  • Riverside Stable

    • Wahgo Katta Shrine for Fast Travel
    • LOCATION: Image or GIF
  • Kakariko Village

    • Ta'Loh Naeg Shrine for Fast Travel
    • LOCATION: Image or GIF
  • Hateno Village

    • Myahm Agana Shrine for Fast Travel
    • LOCATION: Image or GIF




Step 3: Get Deeper Pockets

Expand Your Inventory So You Can Hold More Weapons / Bows / Shields


Since you have already expanded your world a little bit, you have most likely run across a large Korok named Hestu. Hestu is the NPC that will take the Korok seeds you have been collecting/discovering throughout the game. He will trade you more inventory slots in exchange for Korok Seeds.

You will need a larger inventory space if you want to start your adventuring with items already in hand. If you usually head out with just a pot lid, you can skip this part.



Encounter Location Map Image Map GIF Hestu Image Description
First South East of Kakariko Village & Pillars of Levia Image GIF Image Hestu can first be found on the pathway leading to Kakariko Village. You should organically run into him on your way to discovering Kakariko Village. He will move from here after you have upgraded your inventory twice.
Second Next to Riverside Stable (Between Whistling Hill and Batrea Lake) Image GIF Image Hestu will be found just outside the area of the Riverside Stable. He will move from this location after you have upgraded your inventory another 5ish times.
Third Korok Forest north of Hyrule Castle & through the Lost Woods Image GIF Image This will be the final resting place of Hestu. You can upgrade your inventory with him as long as you continue to find Korok Seeds.



To completely upgrade your inventory, you will only need 441/900 possible Korok Seeds. If you have already used Hestu, you will know he requires more Korok Seeds for each additional inventory slot upgrade. See the cost breakdown below:



Upgrade Number Weapons Bows Shields
1 1 1 1
2 2 2 2
3 3 3 3
4 5 5 4
5 8 8 5
6 12 12 10
7 17 17 10
8 25 25 10
9 35 10
10 45 10
11 55 15
12 15
13 15
14 15
15 15
16 20


Credit to u/Ekint's original post found HERE for the above info.




Step 4: Become Top Chef

Finding / Farming “Must Have” Food Ingredients & Cooking the Best Dishes


Food is extremely important in this game. And you can use/consume just about anything you find to heal or get some sort of buff. However, I believe the right ingredients & best recipes are THE most important part of using consumables in Breath of the Wild.


Before I get into detailed theory and explanations, you first need to know some basics about consumables, cooking, and inventory management.


  • Consumables found in the wild will re-grow / re-spawn.
    • If an item grows out of the ground or off of a tree, it can re-grow after a certain period of in-game time. This time can, and usually is, shorter than the next Blood Moon.
    • Example: Apples on trees
    • If an item doesn't "grow" and isn't strictly found inside a treasure chest, it will re-spawn after a Blood Moon.
    • Example: Ore deposits
  • Adding more of an item into a dish adds more of the buff that item yields.
    • Example: a dish of 1 apple restores less hearts than a dish of 5 apples
  • Cooking any dish that uses an "overfill" ingredient automatically fully restores your base stamina/heart values.
    • Example: By using an ingredient where the informational text indicates it will provide a temporary "yellow" heart, a dish of just that ingredient will fill all of your red hearts first before giving you the temporary heart. It doesn't matter if you have 3 red hearts or 20, that dish made up of just 1 ingredient will refill ALL of your red hearts. Same goes for stamina.
  • You have a limited number of inventory spaces for cooked items that can never be expanded.
    • I think its 4 pages worth, but I could be wrong.
  • Dishes you cook in the pot each take up a single inventory space.
    • This is important for managing inventory space.
  • Items you cook over an open flame stack in your inventory.
    • (only take up a single inventory space no matter how many you make/pick up)
  • Items cooked over an open flame heal less than their “dish” counterpart and do not provide buffs
    • Example: A cooked pepper (or a pepper as part of a dish) heals and adds a cold resist buff, whereas a scorched pepper cooked over an open flame only heals less and provides no buff.
  • Items cooked over an open flame can over-cook and disappear.
    • Example: You can drop an apple on a fire and it will catch flame and change into a toasted apple. If that same apple is left on the fire it will catch flame again and eventually disappear.
  • You can sort cooked food by type and level of buff/restore in your inventory.
    • By pressing “Y” (on the switch) you can sort each of your inventory types. For food, this will arrange by buff type first and by power second.



Below are my personal Core Values when it comes to consumables in this Game. Each value is followed by my justification / theory behind it. Please feel free to adopt them. Or don't. It won't hurt my feelings at all. Really.


  1. All of the ingredients I use should be easy to gather & plentiful.

    • If an item is rare to find, why the hell would I used it in a regular elixir to restore 5ish hearts? The hoarder in me knows someday, for some reason, I'm going to need that one special ingredient. So instead of wasting potentially valuable items, why not use what princess nature so abundantly provides? Why waste specialized mushrooms or animal parts to make a stamina elixir when I can just cook a single Staminoka Bass and it will restore a full circle of stamina? There is always something that is the best at what it does and can be found frequently in the wild.
  2. Everything I cook should be medium to high level, or it should fully maximize the potential gains.

    • Remember that one time you spotted a tower at the top of a mountain, made it all the way to the top, and realized it was too cold to stay there and finish activating the tower? Me too. It was on that day that I swore NEVER to die from the cold again. Until that other time where I DID have a cold resist dish, but it was low level and I STILL died of cold because I went even higher into the snowy region this time. On THAT day I swore to only carry medium to high level dishes/elixirs. If the dish I create can't handle ALL of the possible scenarios I will need the buff/resist for, then why waste the ingredients? If I simply added a little more of the same ingredient I could have survived that fateful night on the snowy mountaintop. Low level dishes are for low level risk. Be willing to take the big risks adventurer.
  3. Stamina is Stamina and Hearts are Hearts. Don't mix gains within the same dish.

    • Specialize with your recipes, don't just throw things in and have a portion of your dish that doesn't matter. Say you've been upgrading only your stamina at the beginning of the game. You now have 2 full stamina circles but still only have 3 hearts. So now you want to make sure you can refill that big stamina meter, so you add more things to your dishes. What you end up with is something that refills two stamina circles and restores 15 hearts. That's a lot of wasted healing on your 3 heart self. Why not just use stamina ingredients and make stamina dishes and cook some apples to make dishes that refill up to 3 hearts? Waste not my brave adventurer. Keeping your heart refilling recipes focused on hearts and your stamina replenishing recipes focused on stamina.
  4. Prioritize "overfill" healing rather than "x" number of refilled hearts.

    • Remember the cooking tidbit above about items that overfill either hearts or stamina inherently having the ability to completely restore all of your base stamina or hearts? Use this to you advantage. Cook a single overfill item and you have a full-restore dish. Use this instead of cooking 5 ingredients and still not refilling your entire health. Waste not my brave adventurer.
  5. Have one of every buff type on hand at all times, but only cook particular buffs when I know I'll need them.

    • Remember the story of my icy death earlier. If I had been prepared, that wouldn't have happened. Always be prepared. (Insert Boy/Girl Scout joke here) Nothing is worse than setting your sights on some treasure chest or mountain you want to climb that is NO WHERE NEAR a shrine, only to realize you won't survive within 100 yards without a certain resist or buff. Always having a medium to high dish for each of the resist and buff types allows you to have complete freedom of exploration. That being said, don't go crazy and carry 10 cold resist dishes. Remember, you only have a certain number of inventory slots for dishes. In all likelihood the 7-10 minutes of resist from the one dish you always carry on you is enough to get you where you need to go, or give you enough time to escape from where you've already been. The only caveat to this point is that if you know you're going to spend the afternoon on the snowy mountain tops, you may want to prep a little bit more for cold resist. Make a few extra and head on your way.




The top three ingredients/recipes/dishes/buffs that everyone wants to farm are:

  1. Basic Healing Items – things to restore your red hearts
  2. Overfill Healing Items – things to add yellow hearts to your health
  3. Stamina Refilling Items – things to refill your stamina when it's low


Below are the easiest / fastest / most rewarding farming methods to accomplish the three items above:

  1. Basic Healing Items

    • Raw Prime Meat Farming (Deer Hunt Mini-game)Raw Prime Meat can be cooked over an open flame to create Seared Prime Steak, which heals for 2 1/4 red hearts. These items also stack in your inventory and only take up one slot. You can farm 5-10 of these per minute utilizing the Deer Hunt Mini-game in Hateno Village.
    • Video Guide: Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Infinite Raw Prime Meat Farming (10/minute!)
  2. Overfill Healing Items

    • Hearty Durian Farming (+20 Yellow Hearts) – x5 Hearty Durians can be cooked in a pot to create Hearty Simmered Fruit, which fully restores your red hearts and provides an extra 20 yellow hearts. These items are found right next to the Faron tower and can be easily farmed every 5-6 in game days. You can farm 5-15 of these per run.
    • Video Guide: Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Hearty Durian Farming (Easy +20 Yellow Hearts!)
  3. Stamina Refilling Items

    • Staminoka Bass Farming (Full Wheel Stamina Refill with Each Fish) – a single Staminoka Bass can be cooked in a pot to create an Energizing Fish Skewer, which fully restores an entire stamina wheel. These can be abundantly found in the river next to the Riverside Stable and have an incredibly quick respawn rate. You can farm 20+ of these in a 5-10 minute farming run.
    • Video Guide: Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Easy Stamina Recovery Farm (Staminoka Bass)




Ingredient Nearest Fast Travel Location Farming Location Usual Yield Per Farm Respawn Schedule Details GIF
Hearty Durian Faron Tower On the cliffside ledge North East of the tower. You can glide directly from the tower to the ledge. 5-12 Respawns multiple times between Blood Moons. Estimated every 6ish in game days. Full-Heal + 4 Yellow Hearts when cooked GIF
Staminoka Bass Wahgo Katta Shrine Hylia River. The long river that passes right infront of the Riverside Stable. Between Hyrule Field and West Necluda. 20+ following the river for 5-10 minutes Very Frequently. Usually every other in game day. Full Circle of Stamina Recovery when cooked GIF
Raw Prime Meat Sheikah Ancient Tech Lab Deer Hunting Mini-game at the farm above Hateno Village 5-10 per minute Every time you start the Mini-game Stackable item that when cooked can heal for 2 1/4 hearts. GIF




Dish Name Buff/Resist/Restore Ingredients Cooking Type Details GIF
Hearty Simmered Fruit Full-Heal & +20 Yellow Hearts x5 Hearty Durian Pot This dish completely restores your red heart health and adds +20 yellow hearts. Each Hearty Durian adds +4 yellow hearts. Adjust as needed. GIF
Energizing Fish Skewer Heal 2 Red Hearts & Recover x1 Stamina Wheel x1 Staminoka Fish Pot This dish refills your stamina wheel by one circle. Add more fish for more stamina recovery. (2 fish = 2 1/4 stamina circles) GIF
Seared Prime Steak Heal 2 1/2 Hearts x1 Raw Prime Meat Open Flame This item is one of the highest healing items that can be cooked over an open flame. The benefit to cooking over an open flame is that this item will stack and only take up a single inventory slot. GIF



The lists above will continue to expand as I explore the game. If you have anything you think would be a good addition to the tables above, comment below and I will incorporate them.




Step 5: Stock Up on Ammo

Farming Unlimited Regular Arrows


Starting out in this game, arrows are hard to come by. You usually pick up 3-5 every time you bait a bow wielding enemy. I'm here to help you alleviate that pain. If you follow the directions below, you can farm 200 regular arrows every 10 minutes. This farm can be done as long as you want, so if you want 10,000 arrows there's nothing stopping you from being THAT guy.

If you exit Kakariko Village via the Western exit (GIF of the location) it will take you to the Sahasra Slope. In this open field you will ALWAYS run into two horse riding enemies. These enemies will continuously circle you and fire arrows. The key point here is that these arrows can ALWAYS be picked up off the ground. The combination of their low grade bows, the soft grass, and the distance that they circle you allows their arrows to hit the ground, not break, and become available to be picked up.

The farming method here is to simply walk (DO NOT SPRINT. Sprinting causes you to get hit more often or have the enemies back away and stop firing.) in a circle from arrow to arrow as they hit the ground. You can pick them up as they fall for an infinite amount of time.




NOTE – This method does not work on the Wii U. The Wii U has a hard cap to the number of arrows any enemy can put into the world to be picked up.



VIDEO GUIDE: Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Arrow Farming (10 min = 200 arrows!)







Step 6: Get Paid

Farming Rupees – All Current Best Methods



  • Lurelin Village (Cloyne) Gambling – Save Exploit
    • DESCRIPTION: Head South East to the Lurelin Village (Yah Rin Shrine for Fast Travel) and find a hut with Cloyne sitting in it. This is the gambling house. Here you can bet 100 Rupees for a 1/3 chance at getting 300 Rupees. The trick here is to save before each time you bet, and if you don't find the 300 reload your save.
    • DIFFICULTY: Medium
    • YIELD: 100 per minute (RNG Based average)
    • VIDEO GUIDE: Zelda – Breath of the Wild – Early Game Rupee Farming by South Rage Gaming



  • Deer Farming Mini-game
    • DESCRIPTION: This method requires a lot of arrows and a few decent bows, so there's a trade off on items for money. Head East to Hateno Village (Ancient Tech Lab for Fast Travel). Find Dantz at the farm at the top of the village and start the Deer Hunt Mini-game. Here you can farm 5-10 Raw Prime Meats per minute. 5 of these meats can be cooked to create a dish that sells for 210 Rupees.
    • DIFFICULTY: Hard
    • YIELD: 210 per minute
    • VIDEO GUIDE: Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Infinite Raw Prime Meat Farming (10/minute!)




Step 7: Find a Place to Lay Your Head

Buy a House to Store Items, Rest in a Free Bed, and Always Have a Lit Cooking Stove


In Hateno Village, there is an abandoned house that is being demolished when you first find it. If you make your way through a series of tasks (mostly paying people to do things) you can acquire this house and use it to hold weapons, bows, and shields. There is also a free bed inside you can rest at, and an always lit cooking pot outside. This is a great investment early on in the game.


How to Buy the House:

  1. Find the house. It is located South of the center of Hateno Village. See this image for a more precise location.

  2. Go around back and find the NPC Bolson. He will be the guy in pink.

    • NOTE: Sometimes Bolson has moved from this initial location if you have started another side quest. He can be found in Tarry Town. Complete the side quest that brought him there and he'll come back to Hateno Village.
  3. Pay Bolson 3,000 Rupees and 30 bundles of wood.


  5. Upgrade your house by paying Bolson 100 Rupees per upgrade. You can upgrade your house with the following:

    • Two extra Weapon Mounts
    • Three Bow Mounts
    • Three Shield Mounts
    • Bed Installation
    • Lighting Installations
    • Door Installation
    • A Sign with Link's Name
    • A Flowerbed
    • Trees
    • The cost for everything listed above combined is 1,400 Rupees.



Use your new found abode to store rare items you find in game by placing them on the displays inside. Anything simply dropped on the floor of your house will eventually disappear. That being said, this is still a great base of operations where you can cook, sleep, and store your most precious belongings.




Step 8: Gear Up

Finding / Farming Easily Obtainable Yet Strong Weapons


All weapons that aren't from a treasure chest will respawn after a Blood Moon. Knowing where a couple of these respawning weapons are located can help you gear up fast. Below is a list of the best weapons you can easily farm every Blood Moon:



Thank you u/Aceftw for your find of the "Ali Babas Cave". This is your one stop shop for a bow, shield, spear, duel handed sword, and single handed sword.

  • x3 Chests with x5 Bomb Arrows & 300 Rupees / Radiant Shield / Gerudo Spear / Golden Bow / Edge of Duality / Moonlight Scimitar
    • PICTURE: HERE (coming soon)
    • LOCATION DESCRIPTION: Fast Travel to the Gerudo Tower Paraglide to the top of the mountain directly North of the tower. Turn left and head West. You should see a cave entrance with maybe a small bolder in front of it. Go in the cave and profit!
    • LOCATION GIF: HERE (coming soon)



  • Royal Greatsword
    • PICTURE: HERE (coming soon)
    • LOCATION DESCRIPTION: On top of the rock skull on the top of the Woodland Tower
    • LOCATION GIF: HERE (coming soon)


  • Great Thunderblade
    • PICTURE: HERE (coming soon)
    • LOCATION DESCRIPTION: Fast Travel to the Tabantha Tower. Once there, paraglide and climb to the top of the mountain
    • LOCATION GIF: HERE (coming soon) directly North West of the tower (Cuho Mountain)


  • Great Flameblade
    • PICTURE: HERE (coming soon)
    • LOCATION DESCRIPTION: Fast Travel to the Central Tower. Once there, paraglide directly West to the lake North of Mount Daphnes. Cross the bridge to get to the big dead tree in the middle of the lake and fight the enemy.
    • LOCATION GIF: HERE (coming soon)


  • Iron Sledgehammer
    • PICTURE: HERE (coming soon)
    • LOCATION DESCRIPTION: There are two of these leaning against the left side of the house you can buy in Hateno Village.
    • LOCATION GIF: HERE (coming soon)


  • Guardian Sword
    • PICTURE: HERE (coming soon)
    • LOCATION DESCRIPTION: Fast Travel to the Kaam Ya'tak shrine in Central Hyrule just north of the Plateau and West of Windvane Meadow. Go into the shrine and defeat the EASY Guardians within and they drop multiple Guardian Swords.
    • LOCATION GIF: HERE (coming soon)


  • Guardian Spear
    • PICTURE: HERE (coming soon)
    • LOCATION DESCRIPTION: Fast Travel to the Kaam Ya'tak shrine in Central Hyrule just north of the Plateau and West of Windvane Meadow. Go into the shrine and defeat the EASY Guardians within and they drop multiple Guardian Spears.
    • LOCATION GIF: HERE (coming soon)


  • Lighting Spear
    • PICTURE: HERE (coming soon)
    • LOCATION DESCRIPTION: Fast Travel to the Ridgeland Tower and paraglide down to the base of the tower. There will be a large lilypad with two of these sticking out of it. Paraglide down directly onto this pad to avoid any confrontations.
    • LOCATION GIF: HERE (coming soon)


  • Royal Broadsword
    • PICTURE: HERE (coming soon)
    • LOCATION DESCRIPTION: Fast Travel to the Faron Tower and paraglide down to the South East to Herin Lake. There you will find a Hinox that respawns every Blood Moon. Once defeated he will drop this item.
    • LOCATION GIF: HERE (coming soon)


  • Royal Bow
    • PICTURE: HERE (coming soon)
    • LOCATION DESCRIPTION: Fast Travel to the Faron Tower and paraglide down to the South East to Herin Lake. There you will find a Hinox that respawns every Blood Moon. Once defeated he will drop this item.
    • LOCATION GIF: HERE (coming soon)


  • Steel Lizal Bow
    • PICTURE: HERE (coming soon)
    • LOCATION DESCRIPTION: Fast Travel to the Wasteland Tower and paraglide down to the little water/tree area directly North of the tower. You will run into two Lizal enemies, one drops this item.
    • LOCATION GIF: HERE (coming soon)


  • Dragonbone Moblin Club
    • PICTURE: HERE (coming soon)
    • LOCATION DESCRIPTION: Fast Travel to the Tabantha Tower and paraglide down to the base of the tower. You should see a little patch of grass with a large apple tree nearby. There is a Moblin here that drops this item.
    • LOCATION GIF: HERE (coming soon)


  • Golden Claymore
    • PICTURE: HERE (coming soon)
    • LOCATION DESCRIPTION: Fast Travel to the Mogg Latan Shrine, directly West of the central tower near Satori Mountain. Head a little bit South East of the shrine until you come across a large skeleton on the ground. Use the Magnesis rune to get this item out of the skeleton.
    • LOCATION GIF: HERE (coming soon)


  • Torch
    • PICTURE: HERE (coming soon)
    • LOCATION DESCRIPTION: Fast Travel to the Ancient Tech Lab in Hateno Village. Walk inside the front door and one of these should be leaning against a shelf to your immediate left.
    • LOCATION GIF: HERE (coming soon)



This particular list will continue to grow and become more precise the longer this post lives. Comment below on anything else you would like added to the list and I'll put them in for everyone else to see. Pictures and GIF's to follow soon after each item is added to the list.




BONUS: Adventure Pro Tips

A Compendium of PSA's to Become a Better Adventurer


Below is a list of PSA's and General Tips to maximize your quality of life in Breath of the Wild:


  • If you don't already have your complete map unlocked, you can use the online version found HERE made & maintained by IGN

  • You can trade the heart containers for stamina containers and stamina containers for heart containers. See u/yust's post about it HERE. The shrine to do this is located southwest of Hateno Village. Specifically HERE (picture coming soon).

  • How to ensure you have completed and found all of the treasure in a shrine:

    • A shrine will become completely blue if you have claimed the Spirit Orb within. (Usually starts with a little bit of yellow on both the physical shrine and the shrine's icon on your map once you have discovered and activated a shrine)
    • When you select a shrine on you map, if a small treasure chest icon appears to the right of a shrine's name you have found all of the treasure chests / loot within said shrine.
  • You can drop bombs while paragliding. Activate the bomb rune, and enjoy carpet bombing enemies!

  • Take rust off of weapons by throwing them into the mouth of a Rock Octorok. The Octorok will spit out the rust free version of the weapon. Credit to u/panqakee's original post found HERE.

  • The Blood Moon will respawn all Guardians inside shrines. Use this knowledge to farm harder to find Ancient Materials or Guardian Weapons.

  • You can customize your horse's look (mane, tail, bridle, and saddle) by talking to the NPC tending the stabled horses at any stable. NOTE: the bond with your horse must be high. Credit to u/Nick_0f_Time for his original post found HERE.

  • If an enemy shoots and arrow at your wooden shield, it will stick to your shield. Stow your shield to add those arrows to your inventory.

  • If you find a pinwheel in the world, this is a Korok mini-game. Find something to stand on, or stand in the right position and balloons you need to shoot will appear.

  • You can use a picture from your compendium in combination with your Sheikah Slate's upgraded sensor to find harder to find items such as: treasure chests, certain types of fish, rare but powerful ingredients, etc.

  • Aim your bow in air to slow down time and aim precisely. Similar to VATS without all the detail.

  • You can reflect Guardian blasts with ANY shield as long as you time the swinging of your shield correctly. (Yes, even a pot lid will work. See: the legendary Pot Lid Larry)

  • Bonus stats from dishes or elixirs do not stack. EXAMPLE: you can't use two 1 minute cold resist elixirs to get 2 minutes of cold resistance. The same goes for multiple types of stat bonuses. You only keep the stats bonus of the last consumed dish/elixir.

  • Don't use axes or other weapons to chop down trees, use your bombs. One bomb = Tree down. Second bomb = collectable wood. Really, just use bombs for all things that need to be destroyed. (ore deposits, fish, crates/barrels, metal containers, the courage of your enemies, etc.)

  • You can Travel mid combat/falling/paragliding. At any moment, you can Fast Travel out of a situation. Use this to get out of encounters you are not equipped to deal with.

  • If you tip over one of the broken down ancient guardians, there are ancient parts underneath. Credit to u/youhoe for his original post found HERE.

  • The Stasis Tool can also be used to highlight collectables in your general vicinity. While farming have it active to see interactable objects in a bright yellow glow. You must temporarily turn it off to collect the items.

  • You can catch up to 4 fairies for inventory storage. They will resurrect you if you die, as they did in previous games. You can catch them around the Great Fairy fountains.

  • Don't waste your fire arrows unless you have to. Equip your bow and walk by a lit fire. The arrow tip lights. Use this to set off red barrels or light your target ablaze.




EDIT 1: Added Statis Tool, Fairies, and liting regular arrows PSA's. Credit to u/Tater596

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