GUIDE: How to Hold 11 Fairies at Once (MAX FAIRY FARMING)

GUIDE: How to Hold 11 Fairies at Once (MAX FAIRY FARMING)

Bummed no more Fairies are showing up for you now that you already have 3 or more in your inventory? Well do I have some news for you!



VIDEO GUIDE: Zelda: Breath of the Wild – MAX FAIRY FARMING – (Hold 11 Fairies at Once!)




If you don't know what Fairies or their associated fountains are, please turn back now.


I have to give all the credit for this idea to user u/Zorafin. During a dialog we had in the comments section of another post, Zorafin blew my mind and let me know you can hold up to 11 Fairies. Here is how it's done:



Fairies can be acquired at certain areas within the world. Each Great Fairy Fountain has 4 Fairies that respawn each Blood Moon. All four Fairies will spawn at the Fountain if you have less than 2 fairies already in your inventory. Once you have 3 or more Fairies in your inventory, no more Fairies will spawn in your world until you get back down to under 3.


The following is the key principle we are going to utilize to trick the system into letting more Fairies spawn: Fairies that you hold in your hands DO NOT count as being in your inventory.


Make your way to two Great Fairy Fountains. At the first one, pick up 3 (ONLY 3, THIS IS IMPORTANT) Fairies. At the second one, hold a Fairy in your hands (dropping your inventory down to 2). BOOM The Fairies will literally spawn in front of your eyes. Put your Fairy away and go pick up the newly spawned ones.

Now here's the best part: go to a THIRD Great Fairy Fountain. Hold 5 of your Fairies in your hands, and DOUBLE BOOM you have ANOTHER 4 Fairies to pick up. This brings your total Fairy count to 11.


The reason we only picked up 3 Fairies at the first fountain is that we wanted to be able to bring our inventory down to 2 at both the second and third fountain. If we had 8 from the first and second fountain, we would only be able to hold 5 in our hands and still have an inventory of 3. 3 = no more spawning Fairies. This is why the max you can hold is 11.

(There is a theoretical possibility of getting 15 if you drop the fairies in your hands to spawn more, but the Fairies despawn in 2-3 seconds after dropping them. I'd advise against this.)




I hope this helps you all out, becuase I have no idea what you would be doing that requires 11 Fairy revives in a row! Turn it up to 11 my friends.

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