[GUIDE] Competitive High Fps Settings v3

Early Access just started HYPE but client and server performance still needs to be optimized by the devs and needs some time (first improvements somewhere around april). I played myself some games at a high competitve level and I want to share some tweaks and settings you should do. Generally speaking "more Fps = better" especially if you play with a 144/120hz monitor, "less distraction = better" and a clearer image is also really important if your pc can handle it. Most high ranked players in any shooter game will agree.

My system: i5-6600k @4.6Ghz / GTX970 OC / 16GB DDR4-RAM / Win 10 / 2560×1440

Step 1:

  • Check the power settings on your computer so they are set to "high performance" instead of the defaulted "balanced"
  • Change your graphic card driver settings to be more performance-oriented (just google nvidia or amd driver settings)

Step 2:

  • Right click on the Game in Steam
  • Click on 'Properties'
  • Click on 'Set launch options'
  • Add "-USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4 -d3d10" to the text box.
  • "-sm4" changes shaders from dx11 to dx10, it does remove some distractive reflections and marks on the screen (scope glares fixed!)
  • "-d3d10" same as sm4 but more, removes some shadows
  • "-malloc-system" forces windows to handle the memory allocation

Step 3:

  • Go to ingame settings/graphics
  • Turn up "Brightness" to your preference to see enough in dark corners etc.
  • Change "Anti-Aliasing" to "Very Low" (Note: This game uses "FXAA" or something similar. It doesn't really cost much performance to use however everything gets blurry. If you want a clearer image there are other options)
  • Change "Shadow Quality" to "Very Low"
  • Change "Post-Processing Quality" to "Very Low"
  • Change "Texture Quality" to anything (Note: Depends on your graphics card VRAM and personal preference. Some pro's say its harder to see an enemy in high quality textures. Check your fps while changing this setting. Some people might experience higher fps with higher textures right now due to a cpu overload.)
  • Change "Effects Quality" to "Very Low"
  • Change "Foliage" to "Very Low"
  • Disable "Motion Blur"
  • Reduce your resolution (Note: Depends heavily on your graphics card. Strong cards won't get a average ingame-fps increase here and should stay at native resolution)

Step 4 (Advanced, skip if you don't want to lose any fps)

These Settings only improve visibility and might cost few fps, only use them if you want the clearest image possible. Note that I play with very low textures:

  • Open C:UsersPC NAMEAppDataLocalTslGameSavedConfigWindowsNoEditor
  • Open the "GameUserSettings" file in the "WindowsNoEditor" folder.
  • Change value from "sg.ResolutionQuality" to "sg.ResolutionQuality=100.000000" (Recommended!)
  • Change value from "sg.ViewDistanceQuality" to "sg.ViewDistanceQuality=3"
  • Change value from "ScreenScale" to "ScreenScale=120.000000" (skip if you don't want to lose 10-12fps average)
  • Make the file "read-only" (Note: keep in mind that any settings ingame won't be saved, just remove it, change your settings and put it back on)


  • Step 4 improvements

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