[GUIDE] Competitive High Fps Settings (v2)

Tommorow starts the closed beta phase 2 HYPE but client performance still needs to be tweaked by the devs and needs some time. I played myself some games at a high competitve level and I want to share some tweaks and settings you should do to improve this weekend. Generally speaking “more Fps = better” especially if you play with a 144/120hz monitor and also “less distraction = better”. Most high ranked players in any shooter game will agree.

My system: i5-6600k @4.6Ghz / GTX970 OC / 16GB DDR4-RAM / Win 10

Step 1:

  • Check the power settings on your computer so they are set to “high performance” instead of the defaulted “balanced”

Step 2:

  • Right click on the Game in Steam
  • Click on ‘Properties’
  • Click on ‘Set launch options’
  • Add “-USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system” to the text box.
  • -sm4” changes shaders from dx11 to dx10, it does remove some distractive reflections and marks on the screen but puts a weird unplayable glare effect on the x4 scope (DONT USE THIS COMMAND!)
  • -malloc-system” forces windows to handle the memory allocation

Step 3:

  • Go to ingame settings/graphics
  • Turn up “Brightness” to your preference to see enough in dark corners etc.
  • Change “Anti-Aliasing” to “Very Low” or “Medium” (Note: This game uses “FXAA” or something similar. It doesn’t really cost much performance to use “Medium”. However everything gets “smoothed” resulting in blurry enemy movement.)
  • Change “Shadow Quality” to “Low” (Note: Could use also “Very Low” for few extra Fps, might remove enemy shadows)
  • Change “Post-Processing Quality” to “Very Low”
  • Change “Texture Quality” to anything (Note: Depends on your graphics card and personal preference, some pro’s say its harder to see an enemy in high quality textures)
  • Change “Effects Quality” to “Very Low”
  • Change “Foliage” to “Low” (Note: “Very Low” seems to remove more grass etc, however it might be harder to see through the remaining ones due to the low quality)
  • Disable “Motion Blur”

Please share any recommendations, experiences and improvements in the comments. I will still test these settings and your settings also to provide the best updated information possible on this topic.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/battleroyalegames/comments/5co449/battlegrounds_guide_how_to_get_better_fps_ingame/


  • Corrected “mammoc=system” to “malloc=system”
  • Explained 2 parameters in the startoptions
  • Minor improvements
  • Removed “sg.ResolutionQuality” and “sg.ViewDistanceQuality”
  • Improvements to “Ingame Settings”
  • Minor improvements
  • v2: removed “-sm4” and minor improvements

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