Guardian Spirit Talisman Damage Breakdown

So since I don't think there's a proper post about it, I decided to do some test all the guardian spirits at different levels of spirit. I've only done two rounds so far, but I've come up with some very interesting results already. I used the first enemy on Isle of Demons in NG+ as my test subject. I already had 55 Spirit when I started and I did another test at 6(I choose Saika). This can also serve as a guide for which guardian spirits to use if you like the talisman. Physical damage will be plain and elemental damaged will be bold.

Guardian Spirit Spirit 6 Spirit 55 Knockdown Apply Status
Kato 19/65x3-5 155/65x3-5 No Yes
Isonade 1/7x3+120/180 36/9x3+590/180 Yes Yes
Daiba-washi 44/90x2 260/90x2 Yes No
Fuse-ushi 32/77+306/233 173/77+1127/233 Yes Yes
Mizuchi 44/70x3-5 260/70x3-5 Yes Yes
Paired Raiken 1/54x12 19/54x12 No Yes
Hi-nezumi 10/70x3 10/70x3 No Yes
Aya-komori 38/105+34/15+59/22 203/105+34/15+59/22 Yes No
Itokuri 40 217 No No
Enko 20/116+52/230+88/624x2 171/116+312/230+445/624x2 Yes Yes
Usura-hicho 20/67x3-5 115/67x3-5 No Yes
Gyokuto 19 19 No Yes
Narukama Tanuki 48/82+262/330 257/82+853/330 Yes Yes
Shinka 62/472 288/472 No Yes
Yatagarasu 48/32+528 257/32+**528 No Yes
Suzaku 18/127x?+75/641 137/127x?+383/641 No Yes
Kara-jishi 18/22+40-70x6 137/22+40-70x6 No Yes
Izuna 6/6x2+8/43 6/6x2+87/43 No No
Genbu 51/41+247x3 211/41+247x3 Yes Yes
Atlas Bear 1074/450; 224/618 Splash 2339/450; 708/618 Splash Yes Yes
Tengen Kujaku 24 131 No No
Saoirse 75/585 383/585 No Yes

So in case anyone didn't notice, elemental damage doesn't scale with spirit. Some of the numbers may be off because of either equipment differences or me just misreading things as they flash by on screen. Also I had some more notes on some of the guardians:

Hi-Nezumi does deal more damage when the rat itself makes combat and can cause knockdown.

Gyokuto's sparks deal constant damage as long as enemies are close to them.

Shinka and Saoirse both apply a status on you on use.

Izuna and Tengen Kujaku are really bad for the guardian talisman, but let me know if I'm missing something.

Kara-jishi is rather hard to hit with.

Suzaku can have lots of hits before the final one and it varies on enemy size and positioning.

If anyone has more details to add, let me know.

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