Guardian Down // A “thank you” to the community

Today marks one month since the loss of a fellow Guardian and friend. Mike AKA Gambino1973 (PSN) was a true fighter. He was a father, significant other, and friend to many. He made quiet the impact in the Destiny community. With over 2800 hours logged his main focus was PVE. He would spend countless hours helping guardians of any skill/exp level complete nightfalls, raids, or even catch up on story missions. He loved this community dearly. I won't give you his entire back story because it has been written about exhaustively.

In short, he passed away one month ago. Time flies. As I went back and watched some videos and read some old discord convos today, I realized I never shared my tribute to him here on Reddit. I will also link a few articles that have shared his story.

Some of you may remember Mike from u/DrLupo 's charity stream for Make-A-Wish, or from this post when Mike first passed

Essentially what I've done his take Lupo's archived run with Mike (with Lupo's permission) and chop it up with nothing but highlights of direct interaction with Mike. There are some family photos at the beginning and end of the video. This is the best/only way I knew how to show some love to Mike. I also knew that his family watched the one hour plus long YouTube video to find places where they could hear Mikes voice. That is what drove me to do this more than anything. Since making this video many family members and friends have expressed their gratitude for being able to quickly and easily hear Mike laugh and cut up.

Whether you knew Mike or not, I hope you enjoy this video and feel a sense pride knowing that you are a part of an amazing community! This is what it's all about! Thank you all so much for showing such big hearts!

YouTube Tribute:


WayPoint: Memories of Mike

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