GTA and MGS had a baby…

And it's pretty damn awesome.

The tediousness of the GTA lobby system is gone… replaced with crisp gun play including penetration and drop. Intricate AI and controls from MGS are dulled down for a more streamlined experience to appeal to a larger audience.

The only potential issue that I see is long-term motivation. In GTA, for example, you amass funds to put toward assets… properties, businesses, vehicles, etc. What are you working toward in Ghost Recon? Just hunting down weapons and mods will not be enough, and hopefully this is something that's been considered in the final game. Aside from that potential pitfall, playing with friends has been a blast for the first few hours.

After a few moments of adjustment, I was easily able to get driving and piloting figured out (as my crew's designated wheelman). It's a bit odd that the camera doesn't track more automatically when in a vehicle, but with an adjustment to driving sensitivity and usage of the right stick, problem solved.

Flying, is definitely a bit awkward. Having yaw/rudder control on both planes and helicopters (respectively) lumped in with main stick control is an odd design choice. Because of this, it's not possible to make minute adjustments on flight paths, landing approaches, or to do things like strafe in a chopper.

When early reviews of the game compared driving and flying to GTA, I was excited for a more realistic take on said controls… wasn't expecting them to be set up like this, though. Hopefully this is something that is also addressed in the final game.

What was your experience so far?

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