GRW needs more inspiration

While playing the Wild Lands beta, many things came to mind, but of them was the lack of inspiration coming from other titles in this genre. I am specifically referring to MGSV, as it is:

  1. an older game that seems to accomplish much more the Wild Lands

  2. an amazing game in the stealth/tactical series that made me feel very immersed in the universe (besides the whole skulls and shit, I just ignored that, as I understand that those things are a staple to the IP).

Wild Lands misses many things that were done right by MGSV and could have been improved on, considering the TRUE open world of Wild Lands. Here, I would like to mention mechanics in MGSV that I feel would work well in Wild Lands and, frankly, should have been in Wild Lands regardless of MGSV having them.

  1. AI that searches, as opposed to knows where you are at all times. Also, Unidad should have more military capabilities, like in MGSV when your last position could potentially be mortared.

  2. Changing gear at a base, not just in the open (that is, I wish you would have to return to some kind of forward operating base to change gear, weapons, ect.)

  3. The ability to call in helicopters to extract you and supply drops (honestly, most of the abilities in the iDroid's support menu would be cool, as well as som,ething like an iDroid instead of a proper menu).

  4. RnD. I find the skill tree a bit silly and off-theme. RnD, I feel, would be a much better way to upgrade your drone, binoculars, and even to obtain new attachments for your weapons. I still LOVE gunsmith and want it in the game, but an RnD system would help with the sense of progression and leave their "levels" behind.

  5. Some way to integrate clothing into stealth. In MGSV, your clothes has a slight effect on your stealth. Not so much that you were forced to wear an outfit, but if you wanted to lean towards the safe side, there was an option. It should be the case that if one is wearing full camo/ghillie, they should be ever so slightly more stealthy than someone wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Conversely, if you are driving and wearing full military gear, you should be easier for the enemy to spot. It's a small complaint, and I understand their reasoning, but it would add to the immersion.

There are plenty of things I could add (such as air assault lines for helicopters, rudders, ect.) but I wanted to focus mostly on the mechanics that this games lacks that a stellar game in the same genre has even though it is older. My final comment about all of this is that I feel that they should absolutely implement many of the things I and others have mentioned, and just include custom settings to allow the player to restrict themselves as much as they want. This would allow casual players to do their thing, and quasi-MILSIM players to accomplish their goals as well. I know most of this will never be in this game, but I felt like saying it.

Thanks for reading!

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