GRW Ghost Mode should be near impossible.(X post ubi closed beta forums)

I understand the trend towards casual mass appeal games, I don't fault Ubi for this. However, on Ghost mode the game should play and feel much more like a traditional GhostRecon. Simple things I noticed that would be easy to patch and would make a big impact on Ghost mode for legacy GR fans: Fix the muzzle flashes and fix the sound issues. Radios and birds are far too loud and those particular sounds carry too far. Enable audio cues or visual cues so we can play Ghost mode with no hud. When switching between c4 grenades and mines my character needs to visually hold the item so the player can confirm its the gear they intend to use or the character needs to verbally say, c4 grenaes, mines, flashes, etc so that we know which gear we have equipped while playing no hud. The same for sync shot, we need the sync shot caller to identify targets by physical description or location. In Ghost mode fast travel should be limited. We need healing ability with med packs instead of regen health, please if youre going to use a regen health system,cap the regen at 50% max health. We should be able to drag our teammates when they are down to revive them in cover. Clean and polish the cover system in general, no blind fire option? Please fix the reload animations, your engine is failing to recognize the round in the chamber; the bolt only needs to be manually cycled the first time the weapon is made hot. Which we presumably will never see because the ghosts start with their weapons at the ready. After each reload either a magazine is simply inserted and firing continues if a round is in the chamber or a magazine is inserted and the bolt release is pressed if the chamber is empty. More diversity, different optics where is the aimpoint pro, different mounted hmgs, a browning .50 or a light .30 a russian dshk or a rpk would really help. On ghost mode there should be limited revives and less civis allowed to be killed. It would look much better if every round wasnt a tracer, I shouldnt be able to see the bullets in flight. Fast roping from heli or using ropes to climb up or down would be a nice touch. More breach and clearing buildings, put civis inside to make shootouts harder. Thoughtful objective based pvp could make this game amazing, escort vip, hostage rescue, kill the hvt, csar, capture the intel; for the love of god no markers in pvp. The game needs replay value to have depth and a long life cycle like graw2, I want the dlc to be for 8-16 player coop replay missions like graw2 with dynamic enemy spawns so we can replay for years. Ill try to add more as I think of more, I played about 12 hours so far.

For any who are playing the beta on ghost mode what do you think? For any who arent in the beta and just watching videos I can answer questions or show you videos if you want to see anything particular.

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