Griefing and the Solo Player

So, I'm curious if anyone else has run into this.

Today, I was repeatedly attacked by the same player right outside my base. Each time he would lose, he would come back almost immediately and attack me again. After killing him several times, he came back with a friend to force me into my base to hide.

They then proceeded to wait outside of the base for over an hour, doing nothing but occasionally farming nearby resources and coming back to smack on my walls from time to time.

Have many other players have run into this sort of behavior? I was basically forced to log off or risk starving to death.

I understand PvP, and I could even understand something of a clan siege, but is there any way for a solo player to defend themselves against griefers? They stopped playing the game, apparently, just to force me to stop playing the game.

Has anyone else been similarly been forced off of a server in this manner?

I understand joining a clan is an option to solve this, but I'm not interested in teaming up with other people. I just wonder, is it very common for groups to grief solo players?

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