Good Work Ubi

I'm sorry to see this community dissolve so quickly.

I'm not referring to the likes and dislikes that the community is experiencing when looking at the beta. I think that feedback is important, both positive and negative. Letting developers understand what you are happy with and unhappy about are part of the process to delivering a product that most will enjoy. If you feel that there are things missing, or that you wish it would be more this way than that, this being the internet is a good place for this to become.

However, I'm more in the mood to discuss the way we go about discussing these things. I'm aware that I cannot change the vernacular or even the culture of posting boards across a broad landscape. Yet, up until the beta I did experience a board here that was civil, and rationale in its explanations of opinions. I know it's bound to improve as those on the fence will end up on a side, and those who came to pick fights move to the next willing community. I have been around the boards for a few weeks, and enjoyed reading the logical discussions about the game I was eager to try. Now that I return from the beta, I find a place that is tearing each other apart based on how an individual experienced their time. I'm writing this to explain, as someone who rather enjoyed the beta (but for entirely different reasons then I thought I would), that I know I'm going to be destroyed and ridiculed for the way I perceived my time with the material. I don't think I should feel that way. If your still reading, I appreciate you for listening (reading) to me ramble. Can we go back to having open discussions about our views and sympathize or rebuttal with those that see life and this game differently?

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