Gods – Temporarily disable them until fixed?

I have seen numerous video's of the devastation that comes out of summoning these giant overpowered game breakers. In the games current state, too many players have used exploits to get ahead, as a consequence gods have made an appearance far too soon. However, those exploits have been positive for one reason! We now know how many items (weapons more specifically) are useless to unlock, and the end game is completely game breaking…

It does not make any sense how a base that has taken hundreds to thousands of hours (combined hours invested by all clan members) to develop be taken apart within 60 seconds. Gods have been a huge discussion among my clan mates and myself, I doubt this is a coincidence, but we all agree that they are far too overpowered. For starters, you can summon multiple gods at once, they all last 60 seconds, you do not need to do anything other than walk/float/slither across a base for it to be completely destroyed… 60 seconds vs hundreds to thousands of invested hours. If anyone argues this to be balanced, that would only be because you are sitting on the giving side, while not feeling what it is like to be the receiving end. When that times comes where you will be wiped in a matter of seconds, your opinion will change.

For the time being, I believe Gods should be disabled to prevent people from raging, and even quitting the game. The use of gods is also removing the whole PvP aspect of the game. Why use swords, bows, explosive jars when you can summon a god and put an established clan back into the age of stone picks, and cloth armor? In fact, the only PvP that can exist with the current state of gods, is the random encounters in the world, or when a clan does not have a level 50 (which lets be honest, most of the high level characters took advantage of AI with no I… Rope exploit… etc.)

Here is a list of ideas to help find a happy median.

*** Decrease the devastation
*** Longer summoning time
*** Obvious location of the summoner (special effects allowing the entire server to know a god is coming to reign pain)
*** A way to counter gods (defense)
*** A single god summoned at one time by clan
*** Cooldown
*** Exponentially increase required resources

I love this game, and I really have high expectations for it, far more than any of the other survival games I have played over the years. However, gods are a problem and have led me to me think that my invested time gathering, knocking out thralls, building, redundantly slashing NPC's that put up poor fights, all be reduced to a single minute.

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