(God-tier Spoilers) Stage play Project YoRHa vs Automata Project YoRHa – does it still make sense?

Following on from a train of thought here: https://redd.it/5x4ej1

As of the stage play:

  • 1) Test models are produced in the Bunker.
  • 2) Test models are sent on suicide missions.
  • 3) Data farmed remotely from these units is used to produce and refine new test models.
  • 4) Rinse and repeat, until something worthy of the name 'YoRHa' is ready.
  • 5) YoRHa starts.
  • 6) Continue refinement.

As of Automata:

  • 1) The surviving androids are emo, following the extinction of humanity.
  • 2) Emo soldiers don't win/survive wars.
  • 3) Plan is devised to convince everyone humanity is alive on the Moon.
  • 4) Follow steps 1 – 5 above.
  • 5) Current generation of YoRHa are sent out on missions.
  • 6) Data is farmed for refinement via the backup procedure.
  • 7) Once enough data is farmed, new units are produced.
  • 8) The backdoor opens and the Bunker is destroyed.
  • 9) Um… What?

So herein lies my confusion:

  • We know from the ending of the game that without the Bunker, the ability to restore into new bodies is lost. (Ending C – E.) This suggests that the Bunker is the only location with these facilities.

This is reinforced in the YoRHa stage play pamphlet: (credit, Rekka.) Orbital Base Station “Bunker” This is one of the military installations setup in Earth orbit. A circular tube structure wraps around the station to create an area with artificial gravity, while the center area is left with zero gravity where a body repair shop, a storage facility for various weapons, and a catapult facility are located. Serving as the YoRHa squadron’s headquarters, the “Bunker” is where new units are created and equipment experiments are performed.

  • Without the ability to restore, the combat efficiency of the units is reduced dramatically, since they can no longer simply 'respawn,' with prior knowledge and learning intact. Downtime will also be vastly longer, (ala Ending E.)

  • The wording of the Intel entries, ' Black Box' and ' Disposal of YoRHa' states that the new generation of YoRHa will go live before the destruction of the Bunker.

  • If the new units are produced in the Bunker, go live in the Bunker, and everyone (including the units themselves,) are aware of this before the Bunker is destroyed, how does this reinforce the illusion that humanity is still alive on the Moon?

Surely, it doesn't, right? Because everyone, including the units themselves, will know they were just made by other androids, on the Bunker.

This doesn't work?

Ergo, my gut is this: there must be another facility capable of producing YoRHa units, using the data from the Moon server. These units would be released following the destruction of the Bunker, to create the illusion that humanity sent them down from the Moon.

Perhaps this will be the hook for forthcoming DLC and/or a future sequel?

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