As the title suggests, I’ve got an idea for a god’s kit, but not exactly sure whom to put it on (im not good with lore).

Here it goes:



{god name}’s defense is completely impenetrable, no projectile or god can pass through them on the physical plane. basically this makes the god act like a player made wall


{god’s name} roots himself/herself in place, and spreads their arms/calls comrades/something, tripling their width. While in this stance, {god’s name} cannot cast abilities, and reduces damage taken from all sources by 50%. In addition, all enemies within 20 units receive a 12% damage debuff. This turns the god into an Ymir wall that is actually a player cooldown: ?/?/?/?/?



5% of all damage received by allies within a 55 unit radius of {gods name} is redirected to {gods name}, giving {gods name} a stack.


After 5 stacks, {gods name} can unleash 10% of all damage received in a straight line, damaging and slowing all enemies hit. Scaling:

Slow: 5/10/15/20/25% Cooldown: ? BasicallyHunBatz3butmorefocusedonsupporting


{god’s name} throws something at an allied god, giving them bonus protections. Pressing the button again allows {god’s name} to teleport to them, slowing all enemies by 5% in a 10 unit radius.


Protections: 5/10/15/20/25 Cooldown: 13s


For the duration this ability is active, all damage dealt to allies within 55 units of {god’s name} will be redirected to {god’s name}, and is mitigated by a certain amount. If total damage dealt is greater than or equal to 75% of {god’s name}’s maximum health, the ability is cancelled, and a percentage of all damage received will be split between all enemy gods, stunning the closest enemy for 1s.


Duration: 3/3/4/4/5s Mitigation: 3/6/9/12/15% Damage: 300 + 20/25/30/45/50% of damage taken Cooldown: 150s

I know, I know, it’s pretty weird, but it’s an idea. I wanted there to be synergy with the whole kit. So for example, you see your ally is in trouble, you go in there with your 3, and activate your 1 to give your teammate some time to escape. When the rest of the team turns to face you, you have your 2 to give yourself some breathing room to retreat.

If in the case of a teamfight at, say, fire giant, and your team is in a bad way, you can pop into your ult, so your team can fight as hard as they can, while you take the brunt of the force. Pop into your 1 so you last longer and block off one of their escape routes, and have the enemy either flee from the damage they’ll take, or eat all that damage in their face.

What are his/her weaknesses? * There is NO HARD CC in this kit, outside of the ultimate, with the exception of body-blocking. * The mobility is limited to whether or not you have an ally in range of your 3. * Your damage is dependent on how much damage the enemy team has.

Some would say that this kit would overlap with Kuzenbo. I acknowledge this, however, the damage output is much lower, and because you cannot deactivate the passive on the 2, you will ALWAYS be taking damage, but not always be dealing damage. There is much less clear. There is much less mobility. Also, there is MUCH less hard cc on this kit than Kuzenbo’s. Kuzenbo’s disruption is more focused on getting in the enemy team’s faces, this one focuses on being with your team as often as possible.

Strengths? Teamfight. This kit is one giant zone. The ult basically means that there is no such thing as a free kill for so long as your allies are around you. Of course, your team will be grouped up, making them more susceptible to, say Ares or Odin ults. And, since Odin’s cage lasts longer than your ultimate, grouping up is not ALWAYS the solution.

This is the first time ive done this, so please leave your suggestions and comments below. As well as criticism. If you think this idea is shit, then please say why, as well. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, what god do you think would fit well with having this kit? That’s the end of this post, but remember, that’s JUST a theory, a KIT THEORY, THANKS FOR READING!

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