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So recently I’ve been nuked by a God, for absolutely no reason. The things that took me hours and days to build, got destroyed, just like that. It didn’t matter if they were tier 1 or tier 3 structures, they all equally broke down. I honestly expected this to happen eventually, but I held off and built up a big base anyway. Why? Because I was listening to what the lead developer said. I believe he said that there will be a point in time where people will have Gods but they will have treaties to make sure they don’t use it against each other. Also people would frown upon those who use nukes and the whole server would go against them. Unfortunately none of that is true and that won’t happen.

Why? Because the developer is relating the game to real life, and it’s not even close to being the same. Anyway, let me break down why this God system is terrible and should be greatly reevaluated. I’ll break it down by using questions which I believe this company should ask themselves.

1) What exactly do you do when you get nuked?

You have three options, quit, rebuild, or do the same to everyone else. I believe majority will quit, especially when those people are high levels with large bases of tier 3 structures. This is a going to greatly dent the game’s player base which is needed for the game to survive. I highly doubt people will rebuild, and if they do, they will rebuilt just enough to survive, not thrive.

2) What’s the point of building?

Playing vanilla PvP Conan Exiles, there is absolutely no reason to build. The game is advertised to make you build and you get all these great cosmetic objects and structures, only to realize they’re completely useless outside of vanilla PVP. Any person who builds more than what they need, is going to be penalized for it. I’ve seen this before in another game, Life is Feudal. It didn’t do well and numerous of servers died because of it.

Why? Because building and crafting was harder and longer than destroying and looting. All PvP servers were filled with raiders and abandoned bases, which is exactly what is happening here. This whole “settlement system” you guys are planning on adding, would be useless in vanilla PvP. Big cities aren’t even going to be possible in vanilla PvP because of Gods.

3) Are people going to be afraid to use gods like nukes in real life?

No, because this isn’t real life. You not actually killing people. If a person quits, it’s actually good for you. If strong base gets demolished, that’s good for you. You’re only going to be afraid if you have a big base, but if you get nuked, it’ll just go back to question #1 and then question #2. So now you’re all just raiders which nuke and raid the misfortunate player who doesn’t understand this concept. Is that the game you envision? Also there is much more factors involved in real life nukes, to relate it to the game’s god system, is ridiculous at best. Only in a game can you nuke each other continuously because no one truly dies.

4) Do we need Gods to clean up the server?

No. I’ve heard this a few times before on reddit and I truly don’t understand it. Without a decay system, this could make sense. However, a decay system is being implemented. If a person maintains their base filled with thralls and tier 3 structures, why should a single player be able to demolish it? I’m not sure how starting a person from the very beginning makes you feel like you’re in harsh Conan world. Also how does that build up a playerbase and a community? It doesn't, just like it didn't in Life is Feudal.


Now I'm sure I'll get some responses where people say that I should move to another server, play unofficial, and play PvE. Yet I love PvP and I want the original experience of the game. However I enjoy balanced and logical PvP. Currently all this is illogical and imbalanced. This wont fix itself like the developers think it will and currently their only way to resolve this is by granting immunity to a single God, meanwhile you can follow multiple Gods and the destruction is causes is too excessive to even be logical to keep implemented. Anyway I hope you guys consider this feedback and truly ask these questions to yourselves.

Let me also add that I enjoy this game and want it to succeed which is why I'm here providing you feedback.

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