Glory and Clan Contribution

Hello everyone. As it seems a lot ppl still have questions about the Glory System and about how much Glory gets contributed to their Clans. I have tested some things about the system today and i want to share my insights of what i found out so far. Basically the system is straight forward. What you see is (almost) what you get. I tested the Glory System as a Visitor only for now so i can give insights on Visitor Glory only. When i was testing i did the same mission 10 times and made notes of all the glory i got and time i spent in a mission and about how many enemys i killed (revenants included).

-General Stuff-

  • almost all lower level missions will net you more glory than the higher leveled missions (you can see which one gives more by looking at the random encounters screen at torii gate when you select a mission, on the lower right corner)
  • if you kill more enemys you get more glory
  • difficulty of a mission doesn't matter
  • time spent in a mission doesn't matter
  • if you fail you only get half of the glory points / if you win you will get the full glory points

-Detailed Stats-

  • Base Glory: this stat is only visible at the Torii Gate in the mission selection screen in the lower right corner of a mission window and is the base glory you get from a finished mission (this is the base glory which "Co-Op Victory" Glory gets added to)
  • Co-Op Victorys: if you kill more enemys you get more glory, includes Base Glory (if you finish a mission you will get a x1.0 multiplier, if you fail, you only get a x0.5 multiplier which means you only get half of the glory) (glory per same mission varies on how much enemys were killed) (this is the main factor to get more glory per mission!!)
  • Visited Shrines: if you visit more shrines you get more glory (glory per same mission is always the same)
  • Finished Area: if you finish the area/ the mission you get glory (glory per same mission is always the same)
  • Boss: if you kill the boss you get glory (glory per same mission is always the same)

-The Math behind it-

  • The math is straight forward too: Co-Op Victory Glory + Visited Shrines Glory + Finished Area Glory + Boss Glory = Rewarded Glory that contributes to your Clan (+Revenants Glory – which doesn't show up here, but is added invisible towards your overall Clan Glory as well)

SO what this means is that if you kill more Yokai and other enemys you get more glory from the mission. i think you theoretically could do a mission where a lot Yokai are spawning at set spawnlocations (not those with yokai pools), kill them, then go to the shrine, rinse and repeat as often as you want to and get the most glory out of a mission (could not test this because i hace noone in my friendlist that plays Nioh though). i dont know why some ppl are saying that their contributed glory points to a clan differ from what they got from a mission, because when i testet this system i always got 100% of the glory i got from a mission contributet to my clan and the world ranking.

I hope this is helping some players that don't know how the system works. And if anyone has some more details i overlooked feel free to add them!

edit: spelling (im not english so please forgive me)

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