Glitching Into the Cosmodrome from the First Mission, A Guardian Rises


Ever wanted to know what was on the other side of the gate in Dock 13 during the first mission of Destiny, A Guardian Rises? You know the gate, the one blocking the way to the rest of Patrol where you first find your ship?

I know I did.

I found it frustrating that I couldn't reach the rest of Cosmodrome Patrol. For those that mightn't be aware, there is actually a death barrier preventing you from entering the Rocketyard, as well as the aforementioned gate blocking the exit into The Steppes.

So I set out to see if it was possible to reach the rest of the Cosmodrome in the very first mission. And as luck would have it, it is possible!

Though it's definitely not a simple process, at least not anymore now that Bungie has "fixed" Sparrow Breaching. As far as I can tell, you need to have a character that is Level 40 in the first mission, which isn't easy. This is so you can use a Sword to force yourself out of bounds.

The way you can make it to the Rocketyard – and then the rest of Patrol – is to Sword out of the map near the entrance to The Breach, then make your way along the edge of the Rocketyard, avoiding the death barrier, Titan fly around the map, and then Sparrow fly up to the underside of the Rocketyard to proc the load zone. This will cause you to respawn in the Rocketyard when you die.

There's really no point to doing this, it's just fun to explore.

It's peculiar to see the Cosmodrome completely deserted. There are no enemies anywhere (aside from in The Divide and in Dock 13). The only location where enemies might be is in the Seraphim Vault – but I've been unable to reach it.

And it was all so we could see the other side of the gate in Dock 13.

I'm glad it's actually possible to get past these sorts of barriers. Don't tell me where I can't go, Bungie!

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