Given up on RNG keys

Am I alone with the tought of these giveaway keys being so fucked up its beyond hope for people to really get an entry ticket to try this game out. I do not see myself ever getting lucky in any lottery or rng giveaways and im too mediocre with PC's to be fast with typing and refreshing shits. Why arent they handing out officially for 5-10 USD/EUR? Hell lot of people would buy it, and if they want to compensate you can redeem this as a coupon for later skins when the game officially comes out. I dont see any problem with that. I will be home whole weekened since illness so im gonna spend it playing this. Even if I have to purchase a key for it. I guess a lot of people feel the same way,

Hypocrites who have a key already, stop acting like you really really care about hurting the developers. They could've started making money already, and I would've gladly bought it off from them.

sorry for wall of text, also on with the downvote train!

edit 1: inb4 people who say you sohuld've just registered in alpha or whatever phase. I didnt even hear about this game until it was topstreamed on twitch. Not everyone follow everytype of games.

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