[GIVEAWAY] Celebrating the pre-order launch!

To celebrate the pre-order launch, we are giving away an undisclosed amount of keys

This post will be unlocked at 21:30 PM GMT+0 | 35 mins after this is posted | You will be PM'd if you win a key!

Important information about the pre-order

PRE-ORDER IS AVAILABLE NOW http://preorder.battlegroundsgame.com/

  • Once this Closed Beta is over. PUBG will go into Early Access soon.
  • If you pre-order now, you will be able to play the game now, and get a new key for the full game when we official release the full game on Steam.
  • The Standard Edition gives you access to the current Closed Beta and 1 key for the full game.
  • The Deluxe Edition gives you 2 keys for the current Closed Beta, 1 key for the full game, and 1 complete set of exclusive PLAYERUNKNOWN skins.
  • The digital download key and the exclusive skins will be delivered once PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS launches on Steam Early Access.

How you enter

  • Reply with only "#ThisIsBattleRoyale". If you do not reply with this you will not be eligible, and come on, it shows some support!<3. It also shows you read this far 😀
  • Please only reply once. I will make sure you won't get more than 1 key!

Personally, and from the mods at /r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS, we want to thank all the dev team who have got us this far and made a outstanding game in the BR field that will flourish.

Thank you for all the subscriptions over the last few weeks and how to see this community how even bigger! Make sure you give us a subscribe if you haven't

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