Give thanks to what should be a industry standard from now on.

Giving us the option to downscale resolution and get 60fps on ps4 or keeping it at higher res at 30 fps? You the real mvp Team Ninja.

Honestly wish more developers gave this option, I'd prefer to have everything at 60fps on console simply because I'm too used to pc gaming and going back to 30fps for Bloodborne gave me headaches for a while.

Edit: I love how i'm simply stating that giving people the option to play the game they purchased in the way they want to, without negatively impacting the quality of life/enjoyment of another players experience is somehow turning into this epic sidebar discussion/shitstorm debate of people going "NUH UH 30FPS IS FINE, LOL TOUGHEN UP". Seriously, if someone states something that is unique and relative their own experience and is NOT being advocated as a universal truth and you feel the need to correct/flame that person, you sir/madam are a fucking asshole.

Nobody is saying 60fps is the best, 30fps is fine, I literally said its AMAZING that a dev goes you know what, here YOU decide what YOU want to do with YOUR experience with YOUR game. I'm not coming into your house and pointing a gun at your head saying 60FPS PCMASTERRACE FTW so calm the fuck down.

Also where the hell did you idiots get nausea from? I said headaches, learn to read.

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