Gift to kusa and heavy dex builds

I'm pretty sure the post is buried so i'm posting again! PSN is Stoogedoobis, I am going to kill myself on ng+ ginchiyos request by the two statues closest to the shrine. The kusarigama has CTA Dex A as its inherited trait. I will be farming gold so I will be doing this for hours. Come get your awesome scaling stat!

Also a quick mention on how to reset revenant data. If you are unlucky to not get drops you can just close the game (I advise you save first) and reopen. It will reload any revenant data in the area. Also someone told me if you are 15 levels under the revenant gear is guaranteed. I am Level 150 so it shouldn't be too difficult (unless you are just now in ng+).

You can message me on psn or comment here if you have questions.

Going to alternate between my various armor sets as well, will equip ones with good base stats.

Edit: Just got a Katana with CTA Heart A scaling, tomorrow I will drop that some more for those who are a mixed build with katanas. It is also the inheritance trait in case you want to put it on a different weapon! I am still dropping the kusa for another 2-3 hours though until I go to bed.

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