Ghost Recon Wildlands Closed Beta Camara Sensitivity/Acceleration.

Ok so I wonna start off by saying the game is fantastic the map is huge, tones of content (Weapon wise 64 primary weapon’s HOLY SHIT!) graphics are beautiful and the Customization wow what a breath of fresh air NAILED IT!!!…

I dont know about on other platforms but the controls on PS4 feel odd I dont get it its like there is some kind of lag when moving, and WTF can I not turn off camara acceleration MFG its anoying when your aiming in its slow as hell soon as you start moving to track a target it just shoots off at a million miles an hour for no reason. There needs to be a camara acceleration off button in controls setting like on Resident Evil 7 please Ubisoft plz….

Also the piloting assistance is just awful it just pulls you up for landing for no fucking reason, so them lovely miniguns on the side of your helicopter are pointless because you cant aim downward WTF, please we need a fight assistance off button in controls please I want to be able to fly my own helicopter im a good pilot I dont need assistance ?…

Apart from that its a excellent game but we need to remember we don’t know how old this beta build is it could be 4 months old for all we know they probably already have this in the full game ? but just in case Ubisoft please add these features its a mush have.

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