Ghost Recon (2001) play-through

I decided playing through the Ghost Recon campaign for the 38743897439287th time 🙂 Seeing as Wildlands is out soon, I wanted to play the original (and best!).

This time, I’ve decided to record it and upload it to youtube.

I’m not usually a streamer/gaming uploader, so just doing this for fun.

Difference with this campaign play-though, is that I’m going to challenge myself and stick with using the same Ghosts though-out the entire campaign. With the exception of adding in/removing specialist as required. This is going to be tough, and I might not even make it the whole way!

If I feel like it, I’ll restart the entire mission, but I won’t be using quick saves/loads.

Might take me a while to actually finish this

Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel, so you can see the new videos as I upload them.

So far I’ve done mission 1 – 3. (3 is currently uploading).

Mission 1

Mission 2

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