Ghost of Sawayama Vs Demon King Revealed

Hello my fellow redditors and Nioh expert, I would like your professional advice on something. One of my goals is to try to reach max 750. And to do this long argeious grind Im looking for the most efficient route possible. So I think the general consensus of Amrita farming is either the mission Ghost of Sawayama or Demon King revealed (or maybe there is a 3rd better mission out there if so please let me know). I'm just trying to find out, out of the two missions which one is better in the long run?

Note: I'm still running patch 1.5 and didn't update my game because I know it nerfs LW Suzaku build and that is the one I use to speed farm.

From my personal experience when I run Demon King revealed I do almost the whole mission except end right before Kelly because the hydras are too much hassle. I tend to get around 30Mil Amrita. One other thing I like about the mission is halfway through there is a building with a chest. And inside the chest is always garunteed Amrita Sake which I can use for the mission and a soulstone I can use for the mission as well. This way I don't have to go out of my way and farm Amrita sakes somewhere els. It just cycles it self.

When I tried the ghost of Sawayama mission once, I was able to beat the whole mission easy peasy, but I didn't get as much Amrita as I did when I do the DKR mission upto Kelly. Also I don't remember finding any guaranteed Amrita Sakes so I'll eventually run out. Yet a lot of people are saying that's the best mission to farm. Am I missing something (like a chest somewhere in this mission that gives you a garunteed Amrita sake or soulstone) or a mechanic I'm overlooking in the mission that is giving me more Amrita in that mission, or not doing something in the missions?

As it stands for me the demon king revealed is netting me a good chunk of Amrita. I just want to make sure I'm doing it the most efficient way possible and which mission is in fact the best mission to farm. I know this is a very nuanced question lol thank you for reading.

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