Ghost mode needs to be the standard difficulty

After beating what little story they let u play in the beta on normal and then replaying the missions with the map turned off and on ghost mode, ghost mode should have been the standard difficulty setting. It's after I turned the map off so I couldn't see the enemy placement and upped the damage I'd take that the game started to feel a lot more of what I was hoping for.

And imo if ghost was the standard difficulty there should still be another 2 or 3 difficulty modes above that. Modes that increase enemies at bases, make them spot u from farther away, have them call in more reinforcements. Maybe something like if ur team is spotted in a base they radio reinforcements and the whole base gets surrounded from the outside. Also marking an enemy should only last for so long, or maybe just show the last place the enemy was spotted

It would also be nice if the enemy would ambush u…for example….u entered what seems to be a friendly town to pick up some Intel. A rogue civilian working for the cartel radios in that ur team has arrived. While in the building searching for ur Intel 5 trucks roll up and surround the exits. Or while hiking through the woods u start taking fire from a treeline and get pinned down behind an old fallen log. Now u have a reason to call rebel support.

I know what was given to us was in the easiest difficulty area. But as much as I enjoyed what I've played (after changing settings) I have my concerns. Here is hoping the later locations step it up in the places the game lacks in the most so far.

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