Ghost Items / Inventory Glitch – Urgent fix needed

There is currently a bug in the game items you loot might be permanently be attached to your inventory and are impossible to remove.


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I decided to kill myself to see if I could remove (x) item from my weight amount. However even upon killing myself I find that the stack of 28 Manifestation of Zeal is still in my inventory upon death. Every other item however dropped normally.

What's more, if I try to drop the Manifestation of Zeal(s) from my inventory then that specific slot becomes glitched, making any item regardless of how it gets there (harvesting, drag and drop) become a ghost item as well. I can however remove these new ghost items by dying.

Sure, it's only 2% weight but it's permanently in there forever and if I remove them at all by accident at any point I risk getting more temporary ghost items. There have been other people I've ran into who have complained about this bug and having over 50% permanent weight because somehow they have two 100 rock stacks stuck in their inventory.

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