Get your vendor weapons before March 28.

The last time we had a content update this big the vendor rolls all changed. If anyone has more suggestions for solid vendor rolls, add a comment and I'll get it on the list.

Vanguard Quartermaster:

  • Parthian Shot (Pulse) – High-impact pulse with some stability perks and Headseeker. Decent example of the archetype (credit /u/FatBob12)
  • Angel's Advocate (Scout) – MIDA archetype, Reactive Reload + Outlaw on a scout is fun. Just note that ER may interfere with Outlaw. credit (/u/PaulEBluebird)


  • The Palindrome (HC) – a must-buy for PvP players. 88 impact, max range, rangefinder and either Spray and Play or Mulligan makes this a very solid handcannon.
  • Event Horizon (Sniper) – Good for PvE, outclassed by Ex Machina. May be good for the few PvP snipers left thanks to ER + Hidden Hand

Future War Cult:

  • The Wounded (Scout) has a good stability roll with high-caliber rounds
  • The Wormwood (Sidearm) – High-cal and hidden hand with a choice of Zen Moment or hand-loaded along with a very good archetype makes this a beast of a sidearm
  • The Warpath (RL) – A solid launcher with a big blast radius and tracking.

Dead Orbit:

  • Last-Ditch 001 (Shotgun) – Discount Matador-style shotty. Better than nothing in this archetype. (credit /u/Kitty_Blakeadonna)

New Monarchy:

  • Assembly 2 (Auto) – 100/2 with counterbalance, perfect balance, and snapshot.

EDIT: Added Last-Ditch 001, Angel's Advocate, and Parthian Shot

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