Genuinely enjoying the game. Exactly what I wanted.

It's definitely buggy, and in some places broken. But the game we have here is genuinely fun. I loved metal gear solid 5, and wanted something like that which I could play with friends. This game isn't perfect, but it's good. There's definitely things that I wish could be done better (helicopter controls, stealth, hair styles), but nothing that makes me feel any differently than I did leading up to the game.

I will say though, I followed this subreddit closely before getting my hands on the beta, and I went in pretty salty and found it hard to enjoy certain elements. But once I got a hang of the controls and gameplay, got good at the game, and gave it some time, I enjoyed it much more.

Just thought I'd share because I do think there's a lot of fun to be had here with friends. Not so certain about single player since I've only done multiplayer. But I imagine it would lose some charm without human interaction.

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