Gentleman Skin: Count Cameron II of Transylvania (Camazotz)

My skin concept for Camazotz stems from him definitely needing to be tamed along the lines of Fenrir, he's savage, smelly, and evil. I tried drawing it but I'm such a terrible artist if people like the concept I might try my hand at it.

I imagine him with a tophat and a very Dracula-like suit, with a very large popped collar. All of his current jewlery and skulls could be replaced by something more elegant, while I imagine them all still looking very cool, especially his spikes on his wing similarly to how they look in his mastery skins. I was imagining a lot of his suit looking like what Dracula has looked like over the years, mainly the classic ones. I also wonder if the cape could somehow be attached to his wings or if that would look awkward and to keep it down his back.

I imagine his abilities won't look much different, just a different red color scheme instead of the purple, hopefully his suit being black and red. The screech would be red, the bats would be red and black, and Devour could have gold splashing effects to it when he lands. I imagine the puddles for his passive are red blood with gold and jewelry all over it (like the victims' jewelry if we're still imagining him as like Dracula).

I imagine him having Dracula references and puns, and something gentlemanly like "Hmm, I smell blood! I mean, bleeding industry…" I also imagine him having a line where he uses the scientific name for bats "Chiroptera". Otherwise he'd have the persona of a secluded gentleman where Fenrir is just a typical gentleman, Anhur is a lover of soirees, and Kukulkan is a businessman.

What do you guys think? This has been something I've been thinking about for a while because I love gentleman skins, Camazotz, and think he's a perfect candidate, other than needing a warrior to have a gentleman for every class.

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