Gentleman Kumbakharna

Gentleman Kumbhakarna


  • Top Hat
  • Groomed Facial Hair
  • Golden Sceptre, or a Fancy Cane.
  • Monocle
  • Suit, bowtie.
  • Very dignified voice (of course)




  • On ‘Throwback’: “Excusez-moi, good sir.”
  • On ‘Groggy Strike’: “Wait right here please”
  • On ‘Mighty Yawn’: “You look fatigued. Please, rest.”
  • On Epic Uppercut: “A short intermission- then back to business.


  • grumbling MoneyMoneymoney”
  • “Money never sleeps… Well, maybe just for a little bit yawn.”

Low Health:

  • “My pockets, they feel… lighter.”
  • “You’ll never get a dime out of me!”


  • “Gold digger! You’re nothing but a gold digger!”
  • “No inheritance for you!”
  • “Donna… Hold my calls.”


  • “You’re slacking. Get back to work!”
  • “Who said you could rest? Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know!”
  • “Sleeping on the job!?”

Killing Spree:

  • “I built this empire from the ground up!”
  • “Keep it rolling.”

Item Purchase:

  • “Charity? Disgusting.”
  • “Only the best for me.”

After Placing Wards:

  • “Keep an eye out for those lazy good-for-nothings.”
  • “(whispers) Keep an eye on the money.”


  • “I can’t afford that…. Hahaha!”
  • “And then he said: ‘Please! I have a wife and family’.”


  • “Take this hundred, I don’t need it.”

That's all I have so far! I'd really appreciate some help thinking of a clever name for the skin, or some additions to his voicelines. If you like the concept, please upvote so Hi-Rez can see. I'll be drawing up the concept within the next week.

Happy birthday SMITE!

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